Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Swap anyone?

I know this has nothing to do with my life style change (well really it does, it’s helping me to be more outgoing, to learn new things) but since I was hosting this on my main blog I thought I’d put it here to for anyone interested.

I had so much fun with the Easter swap that I talked with Jerrica and she agreed to teach me how to host a swap. Now remember this is my first and I might screw up, I’ll try not to but please be patient and if you know something I don’t please teach me.

So starting now until the 12th of April you can sign up here in my comment section to play along. On the 13th I will send out a survey for you to complete telling your upcoming swap partner what you like and don’t and if you have any preference to anything. There will be a $20.00 limit and if that means one thing or 5 it doesn’t matter. I’ll need the surveys back by the 16th so that I can get them already to put together to pick out your partner. I’ll send you your partner and their survey on the 17th and it’s all up to you after that. I’d like for you to have your shopping, packaging and shipping all done on or before the 26th so that by May 1st everyone has received their goodies. When it’s all over I’ll get one of the McKlinky’s were you can post from your blog the goodies you got. Now does that sound reasonable, doable to everyone? I sure do hope so. I am also going to partake in this swap. I just can’t do all the work and not play too.

You can cut and paste this button unto your blog if you wish too and link it back to this post and we’ll just see how many great people we get to participate.

Garden Fairy 

Good luck everyone and I do hope that this all comes together the way I’m wishing it will.

Oh by the way, like the garden fairy, Kim made this and she said I could “borrow” it for my garden swap. I saw her and thought she was perfect for this. Thank you Kim for sharing.

So take care everyone and have a most blessed, wonderful afternoon.

I almost forgot, if you aren't a blogger and want to do this, just e-mail me at and you can be part of this too. It's not a problem, I want this available to any and everyone that wants to do this.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guess what I found tonight?

A really cool idea. It’s called Weight Loss Wednesday. Jennifer at Rosey Little Things hosts a blog where people join to share their life style changes and journey. You get to meet some new people that are doing the same thing you are, just some are doing it differently. I joined and though I don’t weigh in each week I’ll share something about my journey each week.

A lot of you following me are also on a Life Style Change journey, maybe you’d be interested in joining. I think it’s also another great way to be accountable for what we are doing. Just think of the support you’ll get too. So Cool!!!

Anyways, just wanted to share this with you. Today wasn’t my greatest day for watching what I ate, well I did watch it as it went in but I did exercise and walk. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to do my best. It’s a good thing, I need it. Only 3 more days to my weigh in.

Take care my friends, have a great evening. God Bless!!!

Are you a regular blogger?

Are you able to post each day? Do you have ideas that are just running out of your head that you want to share with the world? If you do I have found the greatest challenge for you. Go to I CHALLENGE YOU!!! and see what it’s all about.


I am going to be in the cheering section of this challenge. I don’t think I have that many ideas to share or the time to post something each day (even though I know I can write ahead and have it posted on the right day).

Anyways, you’ve got to head over to Arlee Bird and see what this is about and also about the man that’s putting it all together.

Just think posting through the alphabet, think A is for Anniversary, 30 years in April, B is for Birthday, I’ll be 48 in April, C is for Celebrate, I am one of the luckiest women in the world. I have the most wonderful family, the greatest job, spring is here and we can be out and enjoying the sun and oh so much more like this Sunday Jesus died and arose from his grave so that we (all of us) can except him as our savior and one day spend eternity in heaven with him. Now if you ask me that’s more then a lucky woman, it’s a blessed one as well. D is for diet, a life style change for me, E is for Everyone that I enjoy getting comments from, F is for Followers, I am so happy  you’re there. G is for God, he gave his only begotten son for us. H is for Happy, how can we not be happy, God loves you and so do I. H is for Hell, someplace I’m not going to. I is for me, me myself and I. I’m working to be a better me. J is for Jell-O, sorta like my tummy. K is for those lady exercises so when I do jumping jacks I don’t wet myself. L is for Love, what I have for my husband and son. M is for mama, she’s my turd in my pocket. N is for nope, I just can’t do this challenge this time. O is for opps, I better quit now…it’s almost time for the kids to be up.

Take care my friends and have the most blessed and wonderful afternoon possible.

What’s wrong with this pictures?


Well before my diet this was a fantastic breakfast. Well it’s not a diet, life style change. It’s pretty well balanced don’t you think? This is what the kids had for breakfast today along with a glass of milk. As I’m making this I’m thinking I sure could stand a good breakfast like this instead of just a bowl of shredded wheat (which I like but this really looked better). I think now that I’m watching labels and what not I’m going to work on making this breakfast a bit more healthy. Like, turkey sausages, whole wheat pancakes and a little jelly instead of syrup. Figuring it all out here’s the difference.

This is for 2 sausages (heat and serve, pork) 1 6” pancake (white flour), 1 tlb melted butter (homemade from heavy whipping cream), 1/8 cup syrup (from the farm), 1/2 cup strawberries and 1 cup 1% milk.

Regular                       Lighter

613 Calories              473 Calories

27 Fats                      20 Fats

18 Proteins                 19 Proteins

The lighter breakfast is, 2 sausages (turkey), 1 6” pancake (whole wheat flour and low fat milk), 2 Tlb raspberry jam (homemade), 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1 cup 1% milk

It’s not a real huge savings but at the end of the day if you carve just a little from here and a little from there and not the taste it’s a huge savings.

So what do you think? I didn’t do it this morning but when I fix pancakes next week I will do this along with just changing up the sausages (which I have already did but had these in the freezer).

It’s just 3 days until my weigh in. I’m not expecting a whole bunch of a change because life here has been a bit difficult and I haven’t been exactly the greatest on all of it but I have kept up with lots. We’ll just have to see.

I hope you all have a great and blessed day today. Take care my friends.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The best dinner ever and….

I know some of you are just not meat eaters or other then typical meat you wouldn’t even think of trying it but…….  I fixed the most fantastic meal for my daddy and I ever. It was rabbit, raised on Terri’s farm that the boys butchered just for me. I fried it in olive oil and garlic and herbs with a touch of seasoned salt. Just enough to brown and sear it then I transferred it to a baking pan coated with a bit more oil, chopped up onions and baked if covered in foil for about an hour and a half. We couldn’t eat it Thursday evening so just put it in the fridge and then reheated it in the oven yesterday for 45 minutes and it was the best tasting rabbit ever. I was going to take a picture of my daddy devouring it but here’s a couple of what it started out like.

100_1420 100_1421


I then fixed a huge salad, ice water and a glass of milk. We ate the whole thing for under 700 calories, 10 grams of fat and 60 grams of protein. You can not get anything any better then that for eating or health wise.

After dinner daddy and I went for a 2.5 miles stroll. We walked in the woods everywhere. I took a couple of cool pictures I’ll share.



Things are greening up but we also saw this…


Lots of frozen water. This one was so cool because you can tell it has melted, soaked in a bit and then refroze and that’s happened a couple of times. The ridges were so cool.

Daddy and I have been spending a bit more time together and it is so nice. We’ve always been close but this is making us closer. We don’t always chatter a lot but we think together and end each walk with a huge loving hug. Such a great daddy I have.

So there you have it, if you’ve never tried rabbit it’s something to think about. It is so good for you, one of the best meats for you. I have yet to convince my hubby of that, he won’t eat anything that was cute and fuzzy and Mike only eats it if it’s served, he would never ask for me to fix it. But that’s fine, daddy and I love it. I can’t raise them here unless just for pets but Terri and family does so we get them from her.

Speaking of Terri, if you are into everything natural…good for you…good for the environment you have to go and check her out. This website of Terri’s has everything about her and her farm and more. Take the time to check it out. She’s a great woman and a terrific friend. She’s the reason Mike and I stay so healthy. She is always sharing her goodies and knowledge with us. Thank you Terri!!!!

So I’m off. I have my little ones today and then an Eagle Project this afternoon and end the day with bowling with the Venture Crew. A perfect Saturday if you ask me.

Take care my friends. God Bless!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It’s new friend time….meet and greet some wonderful people…

Head over to Lynn's and sign up for Friday Follow and this week is even better, the folks at Toothsoap is giving everyone that advertises for them a chance to win $100.00. You know how we all could use that extra big of bucks and if you read all about the Toothsoap it really is a great product. So click on my Friday Follow button on the right side, and go sign up to meet and greet some very terrific people and then also click on the Toothsoap button on the right and check them out. Follow the instructions on Lynn’s site about putting the buttons on your blog and take the chance you just might win. I’m trying, as you can see.

Friday Follow

It is so nice to meet you all and I hope that you have the most blessed day possible and an even more wonderful weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I usually exercise at nap time but not today. I barely can move, I over did it yesterday. I have upped my exercise and along with walking last night I jogged about a quarter of a mile and though I felt good last night this morning my legs hurt. The thigh muscles are so sore. So today I didn't exercise but did a bit of stretching and then tonight daddy and I went for a slow walk. No where near as much as I should of but there's tomorrow. It is amazing how bad it can hurt walking down stairs or having little ones sit in your lap. Sitting in my recliner tonight is hard, not the sitting part but the getting up after sitting a bit. OUCH!!!

I do have to say I haven’t jogged in years and years and it wasn’t bad. Oh I huffed and puffed after two telephone poles (that’s how I measured my distant. 5 poles equal 1/4 of a mile) but I tried. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

So just checking in tonight. Tomorrows a new day and I’ll hope and pray I don’t hurt like today and can get back to work. Weigh in is just a little over a week away so I want to keep going.

Take care my friends. Have a blessed hump day tomorrow and a great rest of the week. Good luck on your life style changes.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been wearing one now for a week and just found out a few days ago it does miles along with steps. How cool is that?!? The recommended number of steps a day is 10,000. That can be a lot of steps if you just stay inside all day or are stuck at a desk at work. For me it’s not to terrible because I can go outside just about any time I want, that is if I want to dress 2 or more kids up. At anything below zero, well you can guess going outside is not high on my list to do but as soon as it hits zero we are out. Since I didn’t find my pedometer until this past week (I had it just couldn’t find it, bet you can’t guess where it was either….nope not in a drawer, nope not in the cupboard, nope not on the counter, nope not there either….it was on the handle of my laundry soap container…….Why you ask??? I haven’t a clue. I had spent days looking for it and figured I just lost it somewhere. I made laundry soap last week and low and behold it was there just waiting for me) I didn’t know what I was doing for sure. Now we all know pedometers aren’t perfect so they say give or take 5% from the total if you need to know exactly. I’m not a perfectionist so close counts and I use whatever it says each night. Yesterday was my highest reading yet. It said 18,487 steps and 7.68 miles. My lowest was 9,643 steps and 4.73 miles. So all in all I think I’m making it or close to. I am trying each day to get just a few more steps in. I might have troubles beating yesterday but it’s something to shot for.

I went for a walk yesterday, almost 3 miles. .5 slow and easy, 2 miles no less then 3 mph and then just shy of .5 slow down with my daddy though the woods and down to the lake. It was so nice out I started out in a tank and sweater, 1/2 done I was in just my tank and enjoying that sunshine. Oh I can’t wait not to look like a beached whale anymore. I know have a golden tan isn’t the best for your skin but living in Minnesota we are shy on vitamin D so I soak up all the rays that I can while they are out there. Yes. I wear a sunscreen though so saving my skin too.

This week I need to push it a bit more, weigh in is in 11 days and I want to see a bigger number then just 4 lbs loss. I want 6-8 or so and some inches off my belly and butt (well anywhere but I’m working on those parts more so). I bought extra fruits and veggies this weekend so will have the extra good for me things plus I’m going to try a few new recipes I printed out. No I still haven’t made out my meals for the week and it just would be so much easier if I did, but I haven’t….maybe this week.

So there you have it. Nothing to new, a bit about a pedometer and the sun is shining and it’s going to be almost 60* today. It was 25* when I got up at 4:30 so it has a ways to go but it’ll get there. Time for some yard work with the kids. We are going to put the winter toys away and bring out some summer ones. I’m going to build them a different sandbox this year (really they’ll have both, just a smaller one for the wee ones and the bigger one for my bigger kids). Never a dull moment here.

Have the most blessed week you can. Work as hard as possible to reach your life style changes. I promise you I’m going to try my best.

Take care and God Bless you all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Friend Friday and Friday Follow…

Diana at The Girl Creative is the host of New Friend Friday and she’s also got so many other goodies to read and learn about. You should see the purse she made yesterday. So cool.


Lynn at Midday Escapades is the host of Friday Follow (really it’s her and a couple other cool ladies). Go sign up at both places and start meeting and greeting new people.

It is so neat being able to learn new things from others, see what is going on in different parts of the world and meeting and greeting new people.

I have met so many wonderful people, had new people think I have something interesting to share, get comments that are so much fun reading and seeing. Give it a shot, I promise you, you’ll love it.

Have a great Friday. Take care and God Bless.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful week for walking….


Well I said I’d get my mileage up on walking and so far this week I’ve made it close to 6 miles and I have two days left to go so I’m thinking I’ll make the 8 miles I wanted to. My daddy has been walking with me for a mile or more and then when he’s on his way home I’ll head off for my power walk of 2 miles. Today I walked a bit over a mile towing two kids in a wagon, now want to talk about a work out.  Daycare this week has started at 6:45 instead of 5:00 so I haven’t been able to get my work out in first thing but I have been doing it as soon as nap time comes. I’ve done 3 out of the 4 days so far so not to bad though today I didn’t work up a sweat, just did some at my pace more for strengthening instead of cardio.

Have you ever taken a What’s your Real age test? Go to and take the test. It’s indorsed by Dr. Oz and Kim has gotten me hooked on that man. He has so many things to teach us. My results are….

What's My RealAge?»

Calendar Age 47.9    Difference -5.0    RealAge   42.9

So I’m not doing to bad and to think I am getting healthier and will be in better shape this summer then I’ve been in the past 20 years. At least I’m working at it and giving it my best shot that is.

Give it a try, there are some really good ideas and suggestions and more.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m going to try my best too. I have Saturday morning to myself and think I’m going to take myself thrift shopping. Not to much, looking for baby socks to make Easter sock bunnies, something for my Easter swap buddy and I need to start looking for a 30 anniversary gift for my hubby.

Take care my friends, God Bless!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You gotta try this…that is if…

You like garlic. I bought some chopped garlic with Italian herbs in it and boy is it the perfect seasoning. I coated my pan with some pam (well really I use the generic stuff) and put some of that stuff in it along with 1/2 onion cut really small and a red potato cut up really small too and fried it all up for about 15 minutes. I added just a tad of water along the way to keep everything from sticking and to keep it all just a bit moist. Then I sliced up a chicken breast and cooked that in there too, I did push the potatoes to the side so it wasn’t mixed up. About 10 minutes later it was done. For the kids I put  chopped up tomato pieces, a small handful of shredded cheese and a couple pieces of the chicken in a soft shell taco and then warmed it all up in the microwave for 20 seconds. I think it warmed longer then it took them to eat ‘em. I shared the potato with them and eat the chicken just the way it cooked up with a sprinkle of season salt. I ate the rest of the tomato and had a glass of ice water. Do you know all together this meal took maybe 20 minutes, everything fresh and good for us. The full meal for me was 203 calories, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 23 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat and the best part of the whole thing, I’m full. I’m cooking up the rest of the 2 breasts for tonight’s supper, I think Mike will like what the kids had.

So far so great this month. I’ve been exercising and walking, though last week was a hit and miss week for walking with all the rain we had. I don’t think rain will bother me in the summer but it’s still winter here and that rain was mighty cold and sure don’t feel like getting sick.  I’m working with that Bob guy from the biggest loser and have worked up to a 20 minute work out. My walks are anywhere from 40-50 minutes unless daddy and I go first and then it’s a good hour long. So all in all I think so far so good. I’m excited for this next weigh in. I know I’m feeling better and I can see a change now, it’s been 10 weeks and I’m getting better at it all. Oh I still have those moments hunger rules or I’m so tired I just can’t move but their not as many times now. I am hoping for my birthday/anniversary Jim will buy me a pair of new jeans. Now wouldn’t it be cool if instead of an 18/20 he could buy me a 16. Oh how I would love that. You don’t know how much I’d love that. Well you probably do know but still…..I’d be so excited. I don’t plan on buying any new clothes until this summer and then I’m going to stick with the blouses and all I have just new shorts. Once May 1st rolls around I wear shorts 7 days a week until Halloween. Garage sale season will be on and I can pick up this and that to fill the wardrobe until winter time.

Do you guy watch Dr. Oz? Kim has me watching him or really I DVR him until I can watch him, sometimes a week or two later. But anyways I did see him yesterday for last week’s show and he had the 10 commandments of weight loss and some of them were pretty cool. Like don’t keep the fat clothes, you’re not going to wear them again. Never wear stretchy clothes, stick to your normal stuff and it’ll help you not gain weight. Or no eating after 7:30 or 2 hours before bed time. Don’t eat meat from 4 legged animals more then once a week (for me this is hard but only by a day or so). Don’t eat off of anyone else’s plates, you know like cleaning up from the kids plates because they left that bit of something good. And also don’t pile your plate more then an 1” tall and 2” from the edge. Don’t eat standing up or in your car. I think I can follow these commandments, how about you? If you want to see them all go to there are on there.

So there you have it guys, just about nothing new here but a bit of information and how I’m doing.

Take care my friends and I wish you well on your life style changes. Keep those kind words and advice coming, I need it. I have a long ways to go but with your help I know I can do it. God Bless you all!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New treat…


 Chocolate Cheerios


100 calories per serving

Low fat

Contains 3 grams or less of fat per serving or per 50 grams if serving size is 30 grams or less.

Saturated fat free

Contains 0 grams of saturated fat per serving.

Naturally cholesterol free

Contains 0 milligrams of cholesterol per serving.

Good source of calcium

Contains at least 10% of the Daily Value of calcium per serving.

Good source of vitamin D

Contains at least 10% of the Daily Value of vitamin D per serving.

Made with whole grain

Contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving. U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend eating at least 48 grams of whole grain per day.

12 vitamins & minerals

There’s recipes too using this cereal, something chocolate and a bit better for me then fudge or cookies or bars.

Just thought I’d share what I found this week. Have a great weekend. I’m off to take the kids to see the great grandparents and the goats. God Bless!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

New idea…

Like Friday Follow? Like to meet and greet new people, well here’s another great place to become involved with. Just might find someone that likes you, that wants to follow you, that thinks your interesting. Or someone you like, you want to follow or you find interesting. Give it a shot. I am. You just never know who will come into your life and give you something you didn’t know was missing.

Meet and greets, such great ideas from some super great people. Thank you everyone.

Click on the Something new banner, New Friend Friday.

Friday Follow…

Friday Follow

The greatest most wonderful way to meet and greet some terrific, wonderful, charming, talented, creative, fun and more people. Please hop over to Lynn's and join in the fun. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

For me, I’m a normal everyday person. Working my hardest to be the best me possible. I am a wife of just about 30 years, a mama to the most wonderful 18 year old anyone could ever want. I am on a new life style change. I want to feel better, look better, move better and be better in this body the good Lord has given me. It’s a challenge, a hard one but so far I’ve been able to lose 11 lbs and about 22 inches in fat. I run a home based daycare and have 3 families that join me just about every day. They are in ages from 1 – 10 and in fact today is Rachel's 10th birthday party. I have had all of them except Jon since babyhood, and Jon came at 1 1/2, and they are an extension of my family. Mike is an only child but only when he wants to be, he has “bothers and sisters” any time he needs them and they have a big bother that loves them to death. Mike said when Abby was  born how was he going to love her as much as Rachel, just a few days later after she was born he said, my heart grew I can love her and lots more mama. It was so cool to hear him love them that much.

So if you want to know more, go read all you want. This blog is fairly new, I just started it in January. My other blog, Engine 3, The Life of Riley has been around since last May. It contains all about my life, scouting, daycare and  my crafting and friends. Join me on my journey in life and I promise you I’ll try to keep you entertained and maybe once in awhile be able to teach you a thing or two.

Take care and have the most blessed Friday Follow. God Bless you all!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Kashi has freebies to get. Just click on Kashi and go sign up for one two different kinds of cereal or a energy bar. You only get one per household but still something good to try. They usually send coupons too.

I hurt myself somehow on Monday. That or I’m sleeping wrong but don’t think it’s that but not positive. I have a muscle on the right side of my neck that is killing me. Could it be from the sit-ups or push-ups? I don’t know. I don’t pull on my neck to do the sit-ups, I cross my arms so don’t touch my head/neck. The push-ups are a strain but enough to hurt me? I just don’t know, I just know that I did do the challenge today but couldn’t do the full 5 reps, I did 3 of reps of 10 each and had to quit. That means I didn’t get my full exercise in so I did some arm and leg exercises but even that hurt. I can’t walk today, it’s cold and rainy so I’m thinking today is just going to be a wash. I did do more then I normally would of 3 months ago but not as much as I have been doing. How long does it take a muscle to feel better? I hope not forever.

It was such a quiet day here today. Kim is gone to Special Olympics and my mama had private stuff to take care of. Brenda has today off so just is enjoying home so that’s what I did. I enjoyed some crafting, a little bit of TV and putzing. It’s so quiet here, something I’m not use to at all. I planned my menu for today but didn’t go any further like I need to. I printed out a half dozen low cal/low fat recipes I want to give a try so think tonight will see what I can come up with. I need to find a bread recipe that’s healthy, Mike loves bread and if I can make one then I could enjoy it again too. On the search I go again.

Well my friends, that’s all for now. Not much really but hate not writing during the week. I hope all is well with you and that you’ve had an enjoyable week so far. Hump day today for some, me since I have today off I have to work Saturday and it’s a long one, 5am-10pm or so. Makes for short weekend but it’s a living and I do enjoy my little ones.

Take care and God Bless!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Boy that still ways heavily on my mind, food all the time. It’s hard you know, hard not to eat the stuff you’re so use to eating. I am still craving that after meal sweet, gum works most of the time (sugarless of course) but once in awhile I have to have something. My mama made some homemade fudge but a bittersweet kind so I can eat that but not to often. I have found out I don’t require the amount of foods I was eating. I get full much faster and I listen to my tummy more. It’s really nice eating a normal size plate of food (well really I’m using dessert plates, a bit smaller and look fuller). I’m still using fitclick to track my intake (most days, I’ve fallen away from that 7 days a week but that’s because I eat about the same thing a lot of time). Here’s what my intake looks like so far today… And that’s breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.


Target: 1,220 - 1,320

Eaten: 839


Target: 161 - 175 g

Eaten: 101 g (47%)


Target: 50 - 64 g

Eaten: 54 g (25%)


Target: 38 - 44 g

Eaten: 27 g (28%)


Target over 8 glasses oz each

Drank: 8 3/4 glasses

Tonight for supper I’ll have a salad with tomatoes, cukes ,a bit of salad dressing and a fruit smoothie, that will get the rest of my fruits and veggies I need in. So all in all if I don’t do anything different that what’s planned I’ll be under my calories, carbs and fats and be good on the proteins and water. I think that’s exactly how it all should be, right? Right!

I started the sit-up and push-up challenge today. Decided to do them all together this afternoon because I didn’t wake up fully until to late to exercise but it worked out just fine, at least today it did. I wouldn’t want to do them both every day at the same time but once in awhile I think it’ll be fine. It’s hard for me to stick to a strict program because sometimes the kids don’t sleep, sometimes they are sick (like today) and other times I just don’t have the go-go juice at 5:30 in the morning. But I promise to work on it as hard as I can, the required amount of times needed, to do this challenge. Maybe in a couple months time I can do 100 push-up and 200 sit-ups. I can try anyways.

So it’s onwards upwards today. I hope you are all doing well on your life style changes. It’s not easy to say the least but to be able to do things I haven’t in years will make all this work worth while.

Take care and have a blessed week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s a good thing…

That you can’t go any lower then the bottom. Because today I did the initial tests for the sit-up and push-up challenge and I did very poorly. I couldn’t do one good form push-up, but was able to do 6 girly ones. I was able to do 33 crunches which isn’t terrible but not anywhere near grand either. So starting Monday I am going to work on both of these challenges plus keep up with my walking. I am going to start both challenges at the very beginning and work my way up and I’m also going to do each week twice so I know that I’m getting stronger and better and not rushing the whole thing. Here is the schedule I’m planning on….

Mondays – Push-ups early am  …   Sit-ups early afternoon

Tuesdays – walking 2+ miles after work

Wednesday – Push-ups early am  …  Sit-ups early afternoon  … walking  2+ miles pm

Thursday – my day off unless I feel I need to walk after work but then it’ll be a pleasure walk.

Friday – Sit-ups early morning  …  walking 2+ miles after work

Saturday – Push-ups morning  …  walking but another pleasure walk unless think need something more.

Sunday – my full day off

I’m going to start a grid that I can keep track on and then on Saturday night or Sunday I’ll share it with you and you can see how I’m doing. I am not expecting any miracles just a slow upward gain to a better me. I don’t know how to make a grid or add it to my blog yet but I have a week to learn and I’m sure somewhere in Microsoft there is something that will help me.

So did you get to try out the challenge? Did you read it and think just maybe you’d like to be a part of it? You’ll have to tell me if you do, that is if you want to share.

Time for my kids to come so better get going. I work today with my daycare and also have my nephew over so it’ll be a busy day. Take care my friends, have a most blessed and enjoyable weekend.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Okay I’m back….

And to start all of this I walked 7 miles this week. 2 miles a day for three days and 1 mile the first day. I can do a 2 miles trek in about 40 minutes. I don’t know if that’s good, bad or indifferent but according to the GPS Mike borrowed me my top speed is 4.9 mph and my average speed is 3 mph. Not terrible I think. It’s not an even grade walk, it has 2 huge hills and a few ups and downs. I’m hoping to work up to 3 miles by the 20th and then 4 miles by my next weigh in on April 2nd but we’ll see, that is a long ways to go after working 15 hours a day.

Now for my next challenge. I am going to try the 100 push up challenge and the 200 sit-up (really crunch) challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge (but if it takes longer that okay too I’m going to do each week twice that way I know I get it right). If you click on the words to the right you can read all about it too. I am going to take the challenge with Angela (there’s others too but her and I are going to keep each other on track).  I take off Thursdays and Sundays so think I’ll do the push ups M,W,F and the sit ups M,W and Saturday. I’ll have to split them up like push ups am and sit ups pm but I won’t do any other exercises except my walking. I think that will be plenty for now besides I’m not in love with Jillian any more so can miss her for a few weeks before getting back to her. So is anyone interested in joining me? We could do it privately instead of signing up on the site and keep our own records if you’d like. I don’t think I plan on signing up at the site but not positive yet.

So I hope all of this is possible. I hope I’m not biting off more then I can chew. Heck I’m a beginner with way to much weight on my frame but if I’m honest, take it slow and easy I think it’s all possible. Come join me….please….I need the support and help.

Tomorrow I will take the initial test and see where I am, though I know I’m at the poor side of the chart. Go check it out and see what you think. If you can then come back and tell me what you think and if you’re game.

Just think, maybe this summer when I wear a tank top (because no matter if I was fat or not I hated farmers tans) I won’t have bat wings hanging on me, maybe no back fat to hang over my bra and no more muffin top. At least better then it all is now. And another huge thing, my insurance will no longer pay for my arthritis meds for my back so hopefully I can strengthen my core to help support that darn back of mine. I’m dreading next month when I no longer have them and have to go back to IBP and hope it works. 

So good luck if you choose to join, thank you for your support if you want to help me and God bless you for just being here when I need you to be. Take care and have the most blessed weekend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short blogging break….

I’m going to take the rest of this week off from blogging. I have the start of a cold, I’m tired and a bit bored with blogging. No, not really bored…just not sure what to call it. So a few days off and I’ll be back this weekend or early next week.

I promise to keep exercising and now walking and watching what I eat and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

Do gotta tell you, I walked just 2/10ths short of 2 miles yesterday in 35 minutes. Not sure a speed or anything but it seemed good. I felt good and don’t even hurt today so tonight will go again as soon as daycare is over with. This time I’ll make the full 2 miles and maybe a bit more if time allows.

Hey, don’t forget to check out and use that to keep track of your diet intake. I was able to do mine today again all the way to the end and that included being naughty and eating a few pieces of candy that I knew I shouldn’t but did. It made it so dinner won’t be as exciting but I think I needed the chocolate today. A turkey is baking as I write this so know that a healthy bunch of meals are coming right up.

Say, I was also wondering, is anyone interested in a few recipes I’ve come up with from scratch that are not high in calories or fat? I know there are so many recipes out there that not sure if anyone would like to read a new one or not. Just tell me and when I get back I’ll share if you want me too.

Take care all my friends, I’ll be back soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Results and …..

Okay guys today is the day, it’s my 2nd weigh in and measuring. I have been good (not great but I’m sure I’ll learn as time goes on) and work out at least a few times a week. I watch and record just about every single morsel that goes into my mouth. I am reading labels, comparing items and have grown a bunny tail because of all the salads I’ve been eating. It’s quite a cute little fluffy tail and I bet by Easter time I’ll have the ears to match. I know, rabbit food is good for you but it does get tiring so I’m looking for new ways to make it exciting. It’s hard because I’m sorta picky…things have to smell good before I’ll even put it up to my mouth (to many years as a truck driver, sniffing the food to make sure it’s eatable), and look good too and not be bitter. My taste buds are expanding but think it’ll take a while to get them up to snuff.

So here are my results, I've made you wait long enough….

I have lost 5 pounds and 7 3/4 more inches. So my totals together for January and February are 11 pounds lost and 21 1/2 inches. So I’m working on it. I was a bit worried because I know at times I could work harder and I think not that spring looks like it’s coming it’ll be a bit easier to get an extra work out or two in there, at least some good power walking.

I want to thank you guys for all your help and support. I know that there is no way that I could do or keep this up if it wasn’t for you. I’ve done that before and know I can’t.

Have a great day. God Bless you all!!!

Mike is 18 today….

(I know, your waiting for my results, well first my baby and then I’ll take care of the rest….I’ll be back soon)

Today is a post all about my son. I started this yesterday because I get teary eyed thinking that time has gone by so fast. I don’t have regrets though about not doing this or that because Mike and I have always done lots together. I don’t have regrets for being the mom I am, sometimes harsh, sometime mean, sometimes pathetic, sometimes crabby, sometimes naughty but always caring, supportive, loving. Mike is my world. Jim and Mike make my life so wonderful. Since I found out I was pregnant I knew that this was going to be the best thing that could of ever happened.

Meet Michael James…he was born at 6:30am by c-section. He came to us a very big boy, never had one of those tiny boys you get to hide under your coat. He was 10lbs 2 oz and 23.5 inches long. He came with size 3 feet. Not a single baby outfit I had fit him, none of those cute tiny diapers fit him and when I first breast fed him he filled up my arms from side to side.


Mike was suppose to be born the end of January but he just wasn’t interested and the doctor figured no point in rushing him so I cooked him until March 2nd. In the end that wasn’t the greatest for either of us. Mike was born with a few breathing problems and I couldn’t have him like normal because he was just to big.

Meet Mike at a month old..


Mike was super easy baby, after his 2nd week he slept though the night, he was awake for 12 hours and slept for 12 hours.

At less then 5 months Mike was eating food. See…


He also wasn’t about to sit still….


At 6 months Mike was “helping” grandpa with the backhoe…


Notice the gray bear, Mike’s now 7 months old now…


At 9 months old he got his first car…


And Mike’s 1st birthday…


My pictures could go on and on and on but I’m sure you’ve seen enough little ones….

Here’s Mike now at 18 ….today….


He has accomplished so much in his 18 years. He has been on the B honor roll more then off. He loves the outdoors with hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, traveling. He’s great at any math problem and can weld anything that his dad asks him. He can help rebuild an engine, do auto body work and buckle up a wiggle little one in any car seat I have. He loves my daycare kids as his little bothers and sisters. He has fed each and everyone of them from babyhood on, he carries, plays, hides, treats them like his own. Oh he can be naughty to them too but what “brother” isn’t. Mike has worked with is dad and grandpa since a toddler and has worked for pay since he was 14. He loves being with his dad and grandpa at the family store and is turning into quite the business man. He has been a Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, Boy Scout and and Eagle Scout. He’s president of their newly formed Venture Crew 52 (a part of boy scouts). He’s a brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow (another part of scouting). He’s been a den chief, librarian, assistant patrol leader, senior assistant patrol leader. Mike earned 52 merit badges in his scouting career. That’s 6 palms and also the most that anyone in our troop has ever earned. Mike has volunteered more then 1000 hours in his life and continues to do so to now. Mike graduates this June 4th and then will follow in his father footsteps for a year before he’s decided on exactly what he wants to do with life. He is thinking about taking welding at the community college so that if he wants to stay with the store he will have extra knowledge that will come in handy but first some experience in the outside world.

Mike makes me proud beyond belief. He’s my son, playmate, supporter, helper and so much more. I thank God every single day he gave me Mike. Mike’s a homebody and hasn’t stretched his wings to much with going and doing without me but the time will come and he’ll be off and running and though I’ll be a bit sad inside I will be so happy on the outside that he’s doing what he wants to do. I’m not worried about his life to come as it’s a one day at a time thing and Mike worries enough for us both. Mike is a worrywart at times, wishy washy some times but when he figures things out he goes full force and takes care of it.

I can’t wait for what the next 18 years will bring but I would like them to slow down just a little bit because I’m pretty sure this first 18 flew by way to fast.

Thank you for letting me share my only son with you. He is my pride and joy and I love him so very, very much.