Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What’s wrong with this pictures?


Well before my diet this was a fantastic breakfast. Well it’s not a diet, life style change. It’s pretty well balanced don’t you think? This is what the kids had for breakfast today along with a glass of milk. As I’m making this I’m thinking I sure could stand a good breakfast like this instead of just a bowl of shredded wheat (which I like but this really looked better). I think now that I’m watching labels and what not I’m going to work on making this breakfast a bit more healthy. Like, turkey sausages, whole wheat pancakes and a little jelly instead of syrup. Figuring it all out here’s the difference.

This is for 2 sausages (heat and serve, pork) 1 6” pancake (white flour), 1 tlb melted butter (homemade from heavy whipping cream), 1/8 cup syrup (from the farm), 1/2 cup strawberries and 1 cup 1% milk.

Regular                       Lighter

613 Calories              473 Calories

27 Fats                      20 Fats

18 Proteins                 19 Proteins

The lighter breakfast is, 2 sausages (turkey), 1 6” pancake (whole wheat flour and low fat milk), 2 Tlb raspberry jam (homemade), 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1 cup 1% milk

It’s not a real huge savings but at the end of the day if you carve just a little from here and a little from there and not the taste it’s a huge savings.

So what do you think? I didn’t do it this morning but when I fix pancakes next week I will do this along with just changing up the sausages (which I have already did but had these in the freezer).

It’s just 3 days until my weigh in. I’m not expecting a whole bunch of a change because life here has been a bit difficult and I haven’t been exactly the greatest on all of it but I have kept up with lots. We’ll just have to see.

I hope you all have a great and blessed day today. Take care my friends.


Shannon said...

I am learning to eat better and healthier as well..I have a blogfrom forum about this very topic...looks like you are learning something...that is wonderful!

Kim said...

That isn't as big of a change as I would have expected. But, as long as it tastes as good to you as the regular version it is worth it! You've gotta try. You just never know. Good for you for keeping up with this lifestyle change! You haven't lost your momemtum - I'm so proud of you!!! Every little bit helps - 20 calories here, 500 extra steps there...it'll add up...great job!!!

SueDohNihm said...

I have been slowly swapping out different foods around here too. I heard (Dr Oz?) that the whiter the bread, the closer to dead. So, each week we have been trying new breads. Whole grain oat is good and marble rye has been a big hit here too. Dinner used to consist of a meat, a veggie, and some sort of pasta or rice. Now it's a meat, 2 different veggies and a side salad. Occasionally a pasta or rice cuz Hubby has requested "man food" lol. He said he is not a rabbit. I tried to make that whole grain brown rice..it was a yucky tasting mushy mess.

I watched Jillian Micheals on the Doctors show and she said to take 20% of your caloric intake and let it be whatever you want so you don't feel like you are depriving yourself. I have it down to 60%! haha. No, seriously, I have noticed that just these little changes alone have curbed alot of my cravings.

Keep up the good work! And the only thing wrong with your picture is I'm not in it eating the yummy food!! :-)

arlee bird said...

Yeah right! What I really need is a nutritionist who will fix my meals and keep me on a strict diet. I just don't seem to do so well on my own, but I'll have to admit I've gotten better.

I notice that you post pretty frequently and make an effort to get new followers to your site.

I’d like to invite you and your readers to join us in a blogging challenge for the month of April. Check it out at Blogging From A to Z

If you're interested let me know.

arlee bird said...

Okay you're in the Cheering section with both of your blogs. If you want to move to be a player let me know.