Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s a good thing…

That you can’t go any lower then the bottom. Because today I did the initial tests for the sit-up and push-up challenge and I did very poorly. I couldn’t do one good form push-up, but was able to do 6 girly ones. I was able to do 33 crunches which isn’t terrible but not anywhere near grand either. So starting Monday I am going to work on both of these challenges plus keep up with my walking. I am going to start both challenges at the very beginning and work my way up and I’m also going to do each week twice so I know that I’m getting stronger and better and not rushing the whole thing. Here is the schedule I’m planning on….

Mondays – Push-ups early am  …   Sit-ups early afternoon

Tuesdays – walking 2+ miles after work

Wednesday – Push-ups early am  …  Sit-ups early afternoon  … walking  2+ miles pm

Thursday – my day off unless I feel I need to walk after work but then it’ll be a pleasure walk.

Friday – Sit-ups early morning  …  walking 2+ miles after work

Saturday – Push-ups morning  …  walking but another pleasure walk unless think need something more.

Sunday – my full day off

I’m going to start a grid that I can keep track on and then on Saturday night or Sunday I’ll share it with you and you can see how I’m doing. I am not expecting any miracles just a slow upward gain to a better me. I don’t know how to make a grid or add it to my blog yet but I have a week to learn and I’m sure somewhere in Microsoft there is something that will help me.

So did you get to try out the challenge? Did you read it and think just maybe you’d like to be a part of it? You’ll have to tell me if you do, that is if you want to share.

Time for my kids to come so better get going. I work today with my daycare and also have my nephew over so it’ll be a busy day. Take care my friends, have a most blessed and enjoyable weekend.


Kim said...

Oh poor you - that sounds like agony...but I'm so proud of you for pushing yourself outward over and over again...good job!!

Jodi said...

You go girl! Girlie pushups or situps still count. I can't do them at all. In fact, I hurt myself trying. I can do leg-ups. I did crunches a few months ago and I hurt my back SO bad on the ground. It was my own fault because I didn't use a mat. I thought the rug was enough. Apparently, I was wrong. Way wrong. UGH!!!