Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You gotta try this…that is if…

You like garlic. I bought some chopped garlic with Italian herbs in it and boy is it the perfect seasoning. I coated my pan with some pam (well really I use the generic stuff) and put some of that stuff in it along with 1/2 onion cut really small and a red potato cut up really small too and fried it all up for about 15 minutes. I added just a tad of water along the way to keep everything from sticking and to keep it all just a bit moist. Then I sliced up a chicken breast and cooked that in there too, I did push the potatoes to the side so it wasn’t mixed up. About 10 minutes later it was done. For the kids I put  chopped up tomato pieces, a small handful of shredded cheese and a couple pieces of the chicken in a soft shell taco and then warmed it all up in the microwave for 20 seconds. I think it warmed longer then it took them to eat ‘em. I shared the potato with them and eat the chicken just the way it cooked up with a sprinkle of season salt. I ate the rest of the tomato and had a glass of ice water. Do you know all together this meal took maybe 20 minutes, everything fresh and good for us. The full meal for me was 203 calories, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 23 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat and the best part of the whole thing, I’m full. I’m cooking up the rest of the 2 breasts for tonight’s supper, I think Mike will like what the kids had.

So far so great this month. I’ve been exercising and walking, though last week was a hit and miss week for walking with all the rain we had. I don’t think rain will bother me in the summer but it’s still winter here and that rain was mighty cold and sure don’t feel like getting sick.  I’m working with that Bob guy from the biggest loser and have worked up to a 20 minute work out. My walks are anywhere from 40-50 minutes unless daddy and I go first and then it’s a good hour long. So all in all I think so far so good. I’m excited for this next weigh in. I know I’m feeling better and I can see a change now, it’s been 10 weeks and I’m getting better at it all. Oh I still have those moments hunger rules or I’m so tired I just can’t move but their not as many times now. I am hoping for my birthday/anniversary Jim will buy me a pair of new jeans. Now wouldn’t it be cool if instead of an 18/20 he could buy me a 16. Oh how I would love that. You don’t know how much I’d love that. Well you probably do know but still…..I’d be so excited. I don’t plan on buying any new clothes until this summer and then I’m going to stick with the blouses and all I have just new shorts. Once May 1st rolls around I wear shorts 7 days a week until Halloween. Garage sale season will be on and I can pick up this and that to fill the wardrobe until winter time.

Do you guy watch Dr. Oz? Kim has me watching him or really I DVR him until I can watch him, sometimes a week or two later. But anyways I did see him yesterday for last week’s show and he had the 10 commandments of weight loss and some of them were pretty cool. Like don’t keep the fat clothes, you’re not going to wear them again. Never wear stretchy clothes, stick to your normal stuff and it’ll help you not gain weight. Or no eating after 7:30 or 2 hours before bed time. Don’t eat meat from 4 legged animals more then once a week (for me this is hard but only by a day or so). Don’t eat off of anyone else’s plates, you know like cleaning up from the kids plates because they left that bit of something good. And also don’t pile your plate more then an 1” tall and 2” from the edge. Don’t eat standing up or in your car. I think I can follow these commandments, how about you? If you want to see them all go to www.Doctoroz.com there are on there.

So there you have it guys, just about nothing new here but a bit of information and how I’m doing.

Take care my friends and I wish you well on your life style changes. Keep those kind words and advice coming, I need it. I have a long ways to go but with your help I know I can do it. God Bless you all!!!


Angela said...

Those commandments are great! I just took a Bunch of too big clothes to good will and as soon as it stays warm I'm getting rid of my xl long sleeve shirts. Next winter I wilk hhave to go shopping but I uess that will be a good thing.

Mari said...

Yeah for you Julie. I should save you my clothes! I can't wait to get down to the next size too..for me that is an 8, I think. My jeans are getting lose, but not lose enough for me to spend the money just yet. I'm waiting for a few more people to confirm..."Hey you are losing weight, cuz your jeans are baggy." Ha. The weight is coming of ever so slowly...but the inches are coming off...my body is firming up. One small step at a time! Keep up the great work. It will be worth it.

Amanda T said...

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Take Care.
-Amanda T