Monday, March 8, 2010


Boy that still ways heavily on my mind, food all the time. It’s hard you know, hard not to eat the stuff you’re so use to eating. I am still craving that after meal sweet, gum works most of the time (sugarless of course) but once in awhile I have to have something. My mama made some homemade fudge but a bittersweet kind so I can eat that but not to often. I have found out I don’t require the amount of foods I was eating. I get full much faster and I listen to my tummy more. It’s really nice eating a normal size plate of food (well really I’m using dessert plates, a bit smaller and look fuller). I’m still using fitclick to track my intake (most days, I’ve fallen away from that 7 days a week but that’s because I eat about the same thing a lot of time). Here’s what my intake looks like so far today… And that’s breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.


Target: 1,220 - 1,320

Eaten: 839


Target: 161 - 175 g

Eaten: 101 g (47%)


Target: 50 - 64 g

Eaten: 54 g (25%)


Target: 38 - 44 g

Eaten: 27 g (28%)


Target over 8 glasses oz each

Drank: 8 3/4 glasses

Tonight for supper I’ll have a salad with tomatoes, cukes ,a bit of salad dressing and a fruit smoothie, that will get the rest of my fruits and veggies I need in. So all in all if I don’t do anything different that what’s planned I’ll be under my calories, carbs and fats and be good on the proteins and water. I think that’s exactly how it all should be, right? Right!

I started the sit-up and push-up challenge today. Decided to do them all together this afternoon because I didn’t wake up fully until to late to exercise but it worked out just fine, at least today it did. I wouldn’t want to do them both every day at the same time but once in awhile I think it’ll be fine. It’s hard for me to stick to a strict program because sometimes the kids don’t sleep, sometimes they are sick (like today) and other times I just don’t have the go-go juice at 5:30 in the morning. But I promise to work on it as hard as I can, the required amount of times needed, to do this challenge. Maybe in a couple months time I can do 100 push-up and 200 sit-ups. I can try anyways.

So it’s onwards upwards today. I hope you are all doing well on your life style changes. It’s not easy to say the least but to be able to do things I haven’t in years will make all this work worth while.

Take care and have a blessed week.


Jodi said...

Looking good my friend!!! Only one question...are you incorporating protein with every meal?

Good luck with your situps and pushups. I will live vicariously through your eyes on those. LOL!

Kaylen said...

You are doing so good!!!
Only 839 calories?? That's amazing.

I have noticed that since I've been really aware of my intake lately, that I can do with just a couple girl scout cookies, and not a whole row. :)
Baby steps...