Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Kashi has freebies to get. Just click on Kashi and go sign up for one two different kinds of cereal or a energy bar. You only get one per household but still something good to try. They usually send coupons too.

I hurt myself somehow on Monday. That or I’m sleeping wrong but don’t think it’s that but not positive. I have a muscle on the right side of my neck that is killing me. Could it be from the sit-ups or push-ups? I don’t know. I don’t pull on my neck to do the sit-ups, I cross my arms so don’t touch my head/neck. The push-ups are a strain but enough to hurt me? I just don’t know, I just know that I did do the challenge today but couldn’t do the full 5 reps, I did 3 of reps of 10 each and had to quit. That means I didn’t get my full exercise in so I did some arm and leg exercises but even that hurt. I can’t walk today, it’s cold and rainy so I’m thinking today is just going to be a wash. I did do more then I normally would of 3 months ago but not as much as I have been doing. How long does it take a muscle to feel better? I hope not forever.

It was such a quiet day here today. Kim is gone to Special Olympics and my mama had private stuff to take care of. Brenda has today off so just is enjoying home so that’s what I did. I enjoyed some crafting, a little bit of TV and putzing. It’s so quiet here, something I’m not use to at all. I planned my menu for today but didn’t go any further like I need to. I printed out a half dozen low cal/low fat recipes I want to give a try so think tonight will see what I can come up with. I need to find a bread recipe that’s healthy, Mike loves bread and if I can make one then I could enjoy it again too. On the search I go again.

Well my friends, that’s all for now. Not much really but hate not writing during the week. I hope all is well with you and that you’ve had an enjoyable week so far. Hump day today for some, me since I have today off I have to work Saturday and it’s a long one, 5am-10pm or so. Makes for short weekend but it’s a living and I do enjoy my little ones.

Take care and God Bless!!!

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Kim said...

Thanks for the coupon! And you'll feel better soon - prob good to rest the muscle in your neck...