Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful week for walking….


Well I said I’d get my mileage up on walking and so far this week I’ve made it close to 6 miles and I have two days left to go so I’m thinking I’ll make the 8 miles I wanted to. My daddy has been walking with me for a mile or more and then when he’s on his way home I’ll head off for my power walk of 2 miles. Today I walked a bit over a mile towing two kids in a wagon, now want to talk about a work out.  Daycare this week has started at 6:45 instead of 5:00 so I haven’t been able to get my work out in first thing but I have been doing it as soon as nap time comes. I’ve done 3 out of the 4 days so far so not to bad though today I didn’t work up a sweat, just did some at my pace more for strengthening instead of cardio.

Have you ever taken a What’s your Real age test? Go to and take the test. It’s indorsed by Dr. Oz and Kim has gotten me hooked on that man. He has so many things to teach us. My results are….

What's My RealAge?»

Calendar Age 47.9    Difference -5.0    RealAge   42.9

So I’m not doing to bad and to think I am getting healthier and will be in better shape this summer then I’ve been in the past 20 years. At least I’m working at it and giving it my best shot that is.

Give it a try, there are some really good ideas and suggestions and more.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m going to try my best too. I have Saturday morning to myself and think I’m going to take myself thrift shopping. Not to much, looking for baby socks to make Easter sock bunnies, something for my Easter swap buddy and I need to start looking for a 30 anniversary gift for my hubby.

Take care my friends, God Bless!!!


Ron Cooper said...

I found your nice family blog on Friday Follow. I’m following you now on Google Friends Connect, and would appreciate a follow-back. My blog is on inspirational themes like family, faith and kindness.

Jodi said...

I love me some Dr Oz. I DVR him EVERYDAY!!! I just think he is fabulous, smart, genuine, compassionate...and a cutie pie too!