Saturday, March 27, 2010

The best dinner ever and….

I know some of you are just not meat eaters or other then typical meat you wouldn’t even think of trying it but…….  I fixed the most fantastic meal for my daddy and I ever. It was rabbit, raised on Terri’s farm that the boys butchered just for me. I fried it in olive oil and garlic and herbs with a touch of seasoned salt. Just enough to brown and sear it then I transferred it to a baking pan coated with a bit more oil, chopped up onions and baked if covered in foil for about an hour and a half. We couldn’t eat it Thursday evening so just put it in the fridge and then reheated it in the oven yesterday for 45 minutes and it was the best tasting rabbit ever. I was going to take a picture of my daddy devouring it but here’s a couple of what it started out like.

100_1420 100_1421


I then fixed a huge salad, ice water and a glass of milk. We ate the whole thing for under 700 calories, 10 grams of fat and 60 grams of protein. You can not get anything any better then that for eating or health wise.

After dinner daddy and I went for a 2.5 miles stroll. We walked in the woods everywhere. I took a couple of cool pictures I’ll share.



Things are greening up but we also saw this…


Lots of frozen water. This one was so cool because you can tell it has melted, soaked in a bit and then refroze and that’s happened a couple of times. The ridges were so cool.

Daddy and I have been spending a bit more time together and it is so nice. We’ve always been close but this is making us closer. We don’t always chatter a lot but we think together and end each walk with a huge loving hug. Such a great daddy I have.

So there you have it, if you’ve never tried rabbit it’s something to think about. It is so good for you, one of the best meats for you. I have yet to convince my hubby of that, he won’t eat anything that was cute and fuzzy and Mike only eats it if it’s served, he would never ask for me to fix it. But that’s fine, daddy and I love it. I can’t raise them here unless just for pets but Terri and family does so we get them from her.

Speaking of Terri, if you are into everything natural…good for you…good for the environment you have to go and check her out. This website of Terri’s has everything about her and her farm and more. Take the time to check it out. She’s a great woman and a terrific friend. She’s the reason Mike and I stay so healthy. She is always sharing her goodies and knowledge with us. Thank you Terri!!!!

So I’m off. I have my little ones today and then an Eagle Project this afternoon and end the day with bowling with the Venture Crew. A perfect Saturday if you ask me.

Take care my friends. God Bless!!!


Buffi Neal said...

Stopped by from Follow Friday - On Saturday :-)

I think I'm gonna call my dad today - thanks for the idea. The rabbit looks so good - really good - but I don't think I could!

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Cedar Haven said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your "homegrown" natural rabbit supper!. The pics look wonderful. I am going to try this recipe.
We are getting excited for when the babies are born around April 1st. Because we put up our own hay these bunny's eat lots of clover hay and are so healthy and happy.
I couldn't be more happier than to share my wellness products with you and your family Julie! You are a special friend and I love you!

Kim said...

Uh-huh. Mmmmmmm, ummmmmm... the rabbit sounds REALLY healthy! :)

Caution Flag said...

I don't know if I could get beyond my own rabbit fears!

I hope to be an Eagle mom some day. My oldest son is just 1st class, but I think he'll get to Eagle some day. His younger brothers leave a little more room for doubt!

SueDohNihm said...

I have never had rabbit but it looked really good. Sounds like you have a full day ahead. Enjoy!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Mmmmm... rabbit. Never had it, but your pictures certainly make it look delicious!

Enjoy your Saturday...

Carolyn Christie said...

Hello there my friend!

OH MY, I could never eat rabbit, but i don't eat deer either. My hubby eats all that stuff. It doesn't bother me if people do. But I just can't, Their eyes are too pretty.... LOL

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

wow! not sure if I could get myself to eat a rabbit.. but I have had deer meat a couple of times in my life and loved it!

casey aubut said...

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MelissaAggie98 said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks so much for leaving me a comment about my blogger blog! Yes, unfortunately, that blog is pretty much defunct since blogger deleted it for over a week. I made a brand new one on Wordpress so that I'd never have to be out of the loop again! Here's my new address: I appreciate your support and look forward to reading much more of your blog! Have a great day!