Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That was hard….

I did my first really push it, run/walk on my road tonight. 5K in 37:02. My best time ever not on the treadmill. There is a huge difference between the two but I am getting to like the road much better. I out ran my dog tonight. He’s a bit out of shape, like I am, and he had to stop twice…not to pee either…to catch his breath and then ran to catch back up. He’s such a good running/walking partner. He usually sets my walking pace about about 3.8-4.0 so we book it right along but tonight I decided it was time to move my buns and see just what I could do. I am so happy with that time. I will do it again tomorrow night, before I eat because at first I had a hard time catching my breath and not sure if it was because of that or my asthma kicking in a little bit. I’m just bored line asthmatic but at times I am sure the air is thicker then pea soup. I just keep pushing along, sucking in as much breath as I could. I didn’t have a set run/walk, just ran when I caught my breath and stopped when I need to catch it again.

Then today I also found my pedometer, not the cool one I bought using my gift code from Debbi…that one got washed the second week I had it, this is my older deader one that you have to sorta guess on one of the numbers cuz part of it is missing but anyways, I walked 38,890 steps today.

And, I took the kids for a short 1 mile bike ride to see my parents. So I got my exercise in for the day. I was kind of lax the past two days so it was time to kick some butt.

Day 2 of Phase 6 and the food is going down. I am a bit more hungry this week but am trying to stay out of the kitchen and just be outside but with daycare that’s hard. They need to eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks plus there supper for Jim and Mike and a meal to cook for the store but in-between that I stayed outside. We are getting our boat ready to put in the water. It hasn’t been in for 3 years so it need some major cleaning and engine work. I don’t do small engines but did get the cleaning done, canopy fixed and tires filled and everything greased.

So now it’s hump day tomorrow. We are done with the library for the season so not sure what we’ll do but if it’s nice maybe it’s time to head to the farm for a visit. We’ll see what tomorrow will bring when it gets here. Hopefully another sunshiny, 60*+ day.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening. Good night, sleep tight!!


The Ninja said...

Great time on the 5K! I hope I can get my 5 k time down to around 30 minutes before my run in July.

Thanks for the advice with the Munches, we are getting along much better now.

Princess Dieter said...

I think I'd need 4x the time to do 5k. Um, maybe more. Not sure. Hah. Wow, you are burning up the steps. The pedometer is gonna pass out. ; )

I'm sure the P6 will feel better as it goes on. Switching from liquid to solid can be a mental switch, but you're doing great. Keep at it, sweets. Your health is worth it!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

37 minutes... AWESOME! You rock! I hope to do just as well. Good for you for kickin' butt with your exercise! Staying out of the kitchen is a great idea to stay away from needless eating.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice on your 5K time! I'm looking to amp up my walking/running. It will still take awhile.

I still need to get me a pedometer! I'm going to do that this week, I just decided. What kind is your "cool" one? I had a cheap one but it didn't work.

EmptyNester said...

The times that I've started running Tucker just sat there and looked at me like I had lost my mind. I probably had! LOL

Michele said...

Looks like you are kicking up the exercise. Love the fact that you pushed yourself-it is what is needed to get us in shape. Good for you! Keep on biking hear and there-you'll find your biking legs!