Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talked to the doctor and the doctor said….

No more bike riding. That was the biggest change. Really I can bike ride but just pleasure, only me on the bike and only a mile or two at a time. My knee is terrible, not going to improve and it’s life. I told him I didn’t like the bike because of the pain but figured I’d get stronger and could learn to like it. Nope, that part isn’t going to happen he says. Okay so the next thing we talked about….

My cholesterol. It has come down 28 points since May 2009, nothing to worry about. Yes the LDL was a little high but less then last year, lots less then the year before. My good HDL is excellent which makes up the difference in the bad so nothing to worry about there. Okay so the next thing we talked about….

My thyroid. It’s funky and with the 55 lbs gone it’s changed but not for the good, yet. So he upped my dose and in 6 month go back for a lab test to see if that helps. So if it does it means no more thinning hair, a normal sleep pattern will come back, I won’t be so stressed feeling when really like if pretty good. Things will even out. Okay, I can handle that so the next things we talked about…

Since last August I have lost 30 lbs. He was amazed, in awe and so very impressed and happy. He asked what my goal was and I said 165-170 and he jumped with joy. He is very happy with those numbers and said by next May when I come back he’d like to see that. I did the show and tell with my last race and he was happy for me. He wanted to know what else I had planned told him about the 5K walk/jog next weekend, told him I guess the Cuyuna Bike Tour is out so won’t do that, there’s a couple more runs coming up and then normal every day working out and learning to live healthy. He told me NO!!! NO!!! running but jogging and walking is great. He agrees with my chiropractor on this. Okay, I was giddy he was happy with all I had done so the next we talked about…

My back. I have lost another 1”. That is 2.25” in about 5 years. I have problems with my lower back and the compression stuff doesn’t have much cushion anymore. There is nothing we are going to do about this. I do not take medicine unless I have to but when it gets to the point I can’t handle it anymore then we’ll talk. The exercising will help and has helped so will just keep working on that. See, I can handle that…at least for now. So we then talked about….

The lady stuff. My periods are less the 3 weeks apart. It is screwing up with my hormones and other stuff. A couple of years ago I had a biopsy done and found out I have an enlarge uterus. I can have it taken away or just let nature take it’s course cuz sooner or later I’m going to be old enough for it to just shrivel up and quit doing it’s job. I opted for the wait and see. It’s not dangerous, just annoying and I will pray to God that he’ll one day agree with me, that it can go away anytime. Here’s the goody (NOT!!), I ended my period on the 7th of this moth, guess what came today for the ladies tests, yep…it’s here, again!!

So all in all I had a great physical. Found out a few things I didn’t know, learned a few things I hadn’t a clue on and shared a few things I thought he needed to know. He was kind, happy, sweet and so unlike he’s been all my adult life with him. He said he’s very proud of me and excited for me to see just what I can do with the next 50 years of my life. If all physicals could be like this I wouldn’t stay away for a couple years or more at a time. Camp physicals is what I go in for, the eyes, ears, weight and sign the papers so I can go stuff.

AND THE BIGGY!!!! READY??? HERE IT IS……….for the first time in all my years of scouting, I am under the weight requirements for ALL, yes ALL scouting adventures. I CAN GO AND DO ANYTHING!!! White water rafting, Sky Diving, Scuba, rock climbing, ANYTHING!!! I am so excited, I’ve never worried about it because some of that stuff our troop doesn’t do but you just never know, now that I can, I just might start looking into some of the other wonders of scouting and more!

So there you have it, physical. In all my years I have never come back feeling like this, it’s amazing, wonderful and so worth every little bit (really big bits) of work I have put into my new life style journey.

I hope today is amazing for you too. Take care my friends and GOD BLESS!!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I'm so happy that you had a great physical. It sounds like everything is going wonderfully but the knee. I hope that your staying off it and not stressing it will help with the pain. Everything else sounds great and I know you are proud and relieved about the progress you have made. I think this is something I would celebrate with something special. I wish you a wonderful rest of the day. :)

AlmostGastricBypass said...

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!1

Princess Dieter said...

AS someone with lousy knees, I comisserate with having to ditch the bike., the rest is so great, so positive! AMEN!

I have scar tissue for a thyroid gland, and I know about the thinning hair and sleep issues and etc. So, it's wonderful when you find your sweet spot/range. Mine is ridiculously low and narrow (.4 to .8). Once I'm over 1 and definitely when I'm in 2, I get symptoms. Cytomel/Levoxyl combo made a huge difference. I see my endo in June, and we'll see how it is. I feel pretty fine, but did have sleep issues and some hot flashes again..might be out of range.

And I had to laugh. Your big uterus. My tiny one. Doc was amazed at how LITTLE mine was. (And the biopsy hurt like the mother in there.) I said, "Well, it never has had any tenants!"

When I was moving into menopause, my periods were the worst. It was like I was having a period all the dang time. Every 3 weeks, lasting for up to 21 days. I was surprised I had any blood left! Glad it's gone! (Except I miss having the nicer skin tone/elasticity estrogen seems to give.)

Here's to you doing all your new adventure stuff, now that weight isn't an impediment! God bless, doll!

Jacqui said...

so happy to hear your physical went so well! Sorry about the knee... but at least everything else sounds great!

And awesome about the weight!

Shawn said...

Wonderful!!! Great news all around, I am so happy for you and wish I was there to give you a great big hug.

Since I can not do that, I will send you this,


debkhershberger said...

Thats awesome!!! Keep moving forward!!

Big Clyde said...

This is awesome news! Congrats on the excellent progress, but sorry to hear about the biking. At least now you know where the pain was coming from and where to go from here.

Well done!

Michele said...

I am so happy for you that you can do anything related to scouting now. You have done so well, slow and steady takes the race. Before you know it that cholesterol will be down too. Have a great weekend!