Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Tonight Mike and I went and hiked one the mountain bike trails in Cuyuna Range Recreation area. We went a little over 2 miles and though it doesn’t sound like a long ways, when it’s up and down tailing piles, ravens, hills and more it is.


We had a great time and took both dogs with us too. Now the trails aren’t opened yet for bikes so we hiked, took pictures and enjoyed ourselves.

These are my favorite picture tonight. We always keep the dogs on leashes, just to keep them safe and so if we do meet anyone no one is bothered by them. I let Wilbur walk on his own with the leash dragging and all of a sudden Scout picked up Wilbur’s leash and it looks like Scout is walking Wilbur while being walked by us.

100_6270 100_6272 100_6266 100_6267  

Here’s a switch back on a hill side. Three levels and still not near the waters edge.


I love this picture too. It’s a tree that is sorta just growing off the edge of the hill side.

 100_6245 100_6248


And of course what is an outing without a picture of Mike.


And last but not least. The pups….


So there’s my first hike this week. Now I also have to report I have ridden my bike 2 of out 20 so far. Both time with Joss in the baby seat so I haven’t gone very far. The first trip just about 2 miles and then this afternoon 4. Now the rest of the week is cleaning out the chicken coop, getting the garden ready to till, cleaning up the yard, and lots of spring cleaning.

So until my next chance to post take care my friends and have a blessed rest of the week.


Mike said...

Fun pics. Thanks for sharing. I need ti find so e little hikes around my town for me and the kids on weekends.

Ms. M said...

Looks like a great little hike to me. I love having so many available places here on the island & within a short drive. Good luck with all of your spring projects! :)

chris mcpeake said...

great trails .. looks like a lot of fun

gracies tough journey said...

Beautiful pictures.It would so wonderful to have trails like that around here. The pups are so cute. You look great in these pictures. God Bless and happy mothers day.

Ron said...

Looks like you had a great time

Anne H said...

Looks great! What fun - and how good for ya!