Friday, May 20, 2011


Mike and I took the canoe out last night and went fishing and canoeing. We worked hard because we went up the creek and two years ago it was more opened but we had beavers then. Well someone (not us because we don’t believe in trapping them from our area) trapped them so now we have muskrats. YUCK!!! They are so messy compared to beavers. Beavers make nice clean stand able dams, muskrats make mess soft yucky spots. Here, I’ll show you….


This is a beaver dam. There’s a difference of about 3’ in the water. Both sides are clean and we can fish either side.

100_6399 100_6405

This is muskrat mush, we had to portage around them and after doing that three times gave up and came back, portaging again 3 times.

I’m only complaining a little because out here all wild life is excepted just beavers are cooler.

Here’s a couple just because pictures and then I have to tell you about the loon.

100_6404 100_6394 100_6401

We have a pair of loons that have been nesting on our lake for at least 10 years and if I think really hard I bet lots longer then that. They are so use to us they swim around the boat. Well last night on our way back we got to stop by mama loons nest and take some pictures and while we did that she swam close to the canoe just to make sure we weren’t touching. She never threatened us or us her we just sat and drifted along and took pictures. ENJOY!!!

100_6425 100_6407 100_6409  100_6413 100_6417 100_6419 100_6421

So there you have it, our outing last night. I’m not sure the calories burned being out paddling, portaging and fishing use up but it’s gotta be better then sitting at home doing nothing (like that ever really happens here).

Jim and I transplanted some trees last night after fishing. Jim will buy or get small baby trees and put them in the garden until they are established and then transplant them. When we bought this land from mama and daddy it was a field. Now look at it…

100_3598 100_3618 100_3641

This little guy came and visited us yesterday, he’s called an Indigo Bunting. He never stays real long, maybe a few days, but him and his lady are so fun to watch.

100_6388 100_6390


So there you have it. Nothing to do with diet and exercise, I’m getting bored with just writing about that. How many times can you hear how many miles I walked, how fast I walked, how many times I rode the bike, how many miles I went, how much weight I lifted, how much food I ate? I have been thinking about incorporating both my blogs together. I know I’d lose some followers but then again I know some of the ones that followed me at first have moved on anyways. What are your thoughts about that. Do you like two different ones, The Life of Riley and this one or is it time to put them together? I need your thoughts and ideas.

So tomorrow is my 5K. I’m a bit distraught about it. I had a walking partner, exercise partner but she has moved on with other things and some health issues so I’m alone. I know most of you already run/walk alone but I haven’t been that brave yet. I do now go to the gym alone and I enjoy myself so I’m expecting tomorrow will be just fine too but different. I have been practicing the past two weeks alone but tomorrow with all those people. I’m a bit scared. I’ll live but still scared.

Okay we’re off for a bike ride to great grandma’s. Soon I’ll have the little bike cart fixed and be able to have the girls in that instead of on me and my bike but for now this works. Speaking of bike rides, how is everyone doing on their 20 day challenge? 11 days left to get your time in and then I’ll have a drawing for everyone that participated. I have 15 days in now with a total of 65 miles. Not far but I am getting my days in.

Take care and have a blessed and awesome day.


Michele said...

Lovely pictures! Indigo buntings are one of my favorite birds. We all see them a little and at the farm, not in MMPLS. I marvel ever year at the return of the song birds. Orioles came through last week!

I loved the tour of your Up North property. I will have to get up there and see it sometime-looks fabulous.

You can do that 5KM tomorrow even alone. You know when you think about it, you have made this journey alone, too. Yes, you have plenty of support (family, friends, and bloggers) but ever choice you make is yours alone. You have done it by making good choices. You can do that 5KM, too. It is just an extension of what you have done all along. You go!

The Ninja said...

I always run/jog/walk alone. I have found that it is a good time to tune out and get the alone time I so desperately need. Although, I remember at the beginning, when I was bigger, I would be self conscious and worry about what people were saying about me while I was doing it.

I'm sort of having a similar battle with my blog, I'm at the point where the rest of this weight is going to come off slow and I no longer feel as focused on it. I feel like just blogging about my life, crafts and cooking.

EmptyNester said...

You live in such an amazing part of the country! I wouldn't be able to do anything around there except take pictures! Until the cold weather sets in, then I'd move....and fast! LOL Excellent photos and a fantastic way to spend an evening!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Awesome pictures! My kids were looking at them and they want that tire swing. They asked me, "Do they live by us! Can we go there?"

I'll be with you on the 5K tomorrow. You'll do awesome!

Princess Dieter said...

You guys have the best outings! I want to be there, too! such fun!

I love the pooch, and the coloring reminds me of Allan's Lola. :D I love that coloring on doggies.

Keep living that wonderful outdoorsy life. An urban hermit (less hermitty but still) is jealous.


Joy said...

Love the pictures!! Look like you have a fantastic day!

Good luck with the 5k - you will do great!!

Keep focused!

Anne H said...

This is AWESOME!!!!
Just wonderful!