Tuesday, May 10, 2011


54 minutes. That’s what we did tonight. Not our best time so need to speed it up a bit. I know we’ll do just fine. Really I wasn’t winded or anything but Brenda has been off from exercising for a month or so which made it was a bit harder for her. So we have some practice to do. I’d like to get our time down to 45 minutes. This race is “our” race, I will not leave her behind and if she was better she wouldn’t leave me behind. We do this together and will cross the line close to each other also. So we’ll work this out and get that time down. We’re going to head out again on Thursday evening and see what we can do then. I’ll share again.

Just before sunset Jim, Mike and I went for another walk. A speed walk but not super fast. Just down to the creek which is about a mile round trip. The weather is so funky tonight we weren’t quit ready to go in. We are under a tornado watch until midnight and south of us has had lots of bad weather along with west of us. So far we’re okay just some thunderstorms and hail earlier today. There’s also flood warnings too in our county and neighboring county. You’ve got to say that this spring has really been some different weather. Today was the first day for shorts without also wearing a sweatshirt.

Good night my friends. I hope that you sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready to have a blessed and exciting day.


Patrick said...

Whew, biking, walking, reading this has me sweating. What, nio skateboarding?

Stay dry and enjoy the challenges of the new day!

EmptyNester said...

I wonder if I can lose my weight exercising vicariously through you? LOL

Hoping y'all don't get any tornadoes or flooding! Or anything else bad!

Michele said...

Oh, yes this has been some weird weather. Tonight was so beautiful, though. Still humid and some sprinkles, but I will take it. Great work on the biking (Monday??) and the 5km. I think 54 minutes sounds fabulous!