Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phase 6 and exercise…

So Monday is coming and so is the weigh in. I haven’t cheated and looked yet but am expecting at least some loss. I see on Allan’s blog he’s saying some great numbers are already in. Oh I can hope. I still have the bugger of a headache but am sticking to it and hopefully next week it’ll get better. I had a great workout today, pushed to hard with the plan though cuz I felt like crap a good part of the day but I haven’t been to the gym all week (been working on my biking and 5K on the trails instead) so wanted to make my workout worth it. I can’t seem to find the perfect life style change yet for me. I so love my workouts and don’t want to change them but I want to lose a bit more weight too so need the lower calories but feeling like crap isn’t what it’s all about either. I’ll learn, I know there’s a happy spot in there somewhere.

I got my lap report back. Glucose was great, my thyroid is a bit high so will need to change my dose of meds, my cholesterol is still a bit high too, 208. My LDL is what’s not good so need to talk to the doctor and see what I need to change. I’ve been reading a bit on the LDL and it has some things to do with insulin resistance too. Not that I understand much about this yet but I do read a lot of blogs that talk about it but don’t understand yet how it starts but I’ll learn. I thought with all the weight loss, exercise and healthy eating everything would be just fine or even better then fine but I guess not. I know that on my mom’s side high cholesterol is part of life so maybe it’s a start for me. I’m hoping not and maybe my food will be changing a bit more, we’ll see. More to learn.

Sometime looking back, not knowing all of this stuff, not worrying about what I was eating, what I weighed, what I was doing was easier, not good just easier.

So right now, sitting here I’m feeling a bit down. I’ve worked so hard to make myself healthier but it’s not working as good as I hoped. The good thing, it’s all fixable. I hate medicine so I’m going to do some research and see what else I can change in my diet and also in supplements and come up with a plan. I didn’t work this hard just to have a heart attack from a messed up LDL.

Onward and downward. A good diet, good exercise and a healthy life style. Working on it. Not easy but well worth it.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome Sunday.


AlmostGastricBypass said...

Shut the front door...Be happy with what you have done, this is a long journey

E. Jane said...

Hang in there Julie. You're working at it, and it sounds like you're moving in the right direction.

Joy said...

Oh don't guit!! Whatever you do!! You will break through, just keep going!!

I am working really hard to get off meds. My dr has me on blood pressure meds and wants to add cholesterol meds. When last checked, even after losing 50+ pounds it was still high. My doc advised that sometimes that happens when there is a big weight loss. Huh!?!?! I don't get that.... Anyway, I am super focused to do all I can to keep from having to take any meds at all!

Don't lose hope!!!! Keep pushing forward and stay focused!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm sorry your lab report wasn't what you expected, Julie. It is difficult with cholesterol sometimes. I wish you luck with that. Sometimes it can be high just because of genetics and you have to use meds in spite of doing everything right. I will be hoping you find a more natural way to control it though, before you have to try meds. I will keep you in my thoughts.