Monday, May 9, 2011

Phase 6, day 1…

And I didn’t die. Well my head thinks it’s going to but the rest of me is just fine. I didn’t get to do the full day 1 because I ended up fasting for 22 hours (for lab) but did just finish up supper and still have a snack but since I don’t eat after 6 will have to skip that.

Tomorrow will be the true test from the start of my day which starts at 4:30 am. But I am thinking I will drink and drink and drink until 8ish and then start my eating and then I never eat past 6 at night so all the food I can eat and be satisfied for 10 hours. I’m good at sleeping on empty because if there’s anything in here it just comes back anyways and I think waiting for breakfast won’t be terrible either as long as I stay busy.

Good luck to anyone on any life style journey. It does take commitment and I am committed to finishing up this journey and staring a new one. Take care my friends. Have a blessed evening.


Anne H said...

Hope your days ahead are wonderful!
You sound like you are right on the money!
I know you will do just fine!
Cuz you are awesome!

Princess Dieter said...

I didn't join P6, but I sure wish you and all the challengers a great phase and reaching goal by August (or sooner!). :D

Kelly said...

The first day is rough. I promise it gets easier!

Patrick said...

Go gette'm on the plan and on that bike challenge too! I've set a 40 mile walk/jog goal myself.