Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loving it…

Finally, finally it’s in the 70’s, headed for the 80’s and it’s wonderful outside. I live in Minnesota because all my family is here and it’s beautiful. I don’t live here cuz it’s nice and warm and sunny because a lot of the time it’s not. But today, it’s amazing and I have been off and outside 80% of the day so far. I helped my parents with some things this morning to get ready for our family reunion. I’ve done some gardening today. And shortly I’m going to head back over to mama’s for some other stuff that needs to be done and tonight I’m going to convince Mike he needs to go play some tennis or take me hiking. I have done my exercise too today. I did 5 planks at 1:30-2:45. I did 45 crunches, twice. I did some other fish flopping exercises and I went for a very early 3.5 miles jog/walk (day 2, week 3 of my 5K in 100 days). And for Michele, I went for a bike ride but only made it about 3 miles before I had to head back home, my darn knees just won’t let me enjoy your favorite exercise. Being my unexpected day off I have even stayed out of the cupboards and not eaten anything I’m not suppose to. I am starving mind you but I’m being good. It’s not easy cuz no one is here to share with and I could eat the whole thing.

This month has really been a challenge for me. Losing the first 50 lbs was a breeze compared to these last few. I think because I just want to be done and begin something new. I am happy with my size and weight and though I have some lumps to tone up I even love my body. It has been an amazing journey and one I don’t want to take again so I need to stay in the game, keep up with what I know I should and keep learning.

Tomorrow I have another easy day, just three and they are older and we are going to be doing some pretty cool things. The Train Museum, disk golf and then bowling and dinner.  I’m almost as excited as the girls our for our day out and about. It’ll be fun.

So I’m off to finish some painting and then walking back to mama’s. Take care my friends and keep up the great work. I did some catching up today on quite a few blogs, most I did comment on, others I did cuz blogger wouldn’t let me. But I did read and I did say a prayer for each and everyone of you. Blessing to you all!!


The Ninja said...

I know exactly what you mean about the last few pounds, I'm so happy and ready to not be thinking in terms of "diet" anymore. Even though it's not really a diet it still take up so much of my time like a diet would. Good job with the exercising. I'm going jogging again this afternoon and then back to work on the spare-room (cue ominous music)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Isn't it gorgeous outside?! I've been out with the kids as much as possible this morning, just came in to put a bunch to sleep. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90 and humid so there will be water activities tomorrow for sure!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

It is finally became summer here as well. At 8 pm I could not do my walk because the mosquitos make clouds and follow you. I am headed to the mall for my walk.

EmptyNester said...

I've heard that the last lbs are the hardest but I won't be there for a while yet!

The bike is ready, I think, so I should be up and on it this week. I've also found some Pilates on Netflix as well as some aerobics to compensate for the short walks due to heat index.

You're almost there Julie! What a journey it has been!

Michele said...

This was my favorite line:
I am happy with my size and weight and though I have some lumps to tone up I even love my body.

Love that. Love that. Love the fact that you are caring for you now and loving who you are. That was the best news all day.

So glad you tried biking a little. We all have different bodies. I am no longer sure that can run or jog. SO, you have me up on that one. The point is that you (and me) are now active and doing loads of new things. I started hitting a tennis ball around with the grandbabies, maybe we can play tennis sometime??

And he weather is just grand. Grand. My favorite baseball team was in town and hubby and I treated ourselves to some of the games. So much fun ti bike downtown and take in a game. I feel sunburned today even with sunscreen lathered everywhere!

Enjoy your beautiful neck of the woods!

JW said...

It's been the perfect summer day here, hasn't it? I agree with everything Michele said. Glad you had a day off, enjoy the weekend!!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Julie, your day sounds exquisite! I love the photos you put up because Minnesota looks perfect for a walk by yourself. I love the quiet and the abundant space. :)

The last few pounds will be a breeze, too. Here's hoping for a beautiful outing tomorrow with the girls!

Waisting Time said...

I can relate to the last pounds being the hardest:( We are having extreme heat here so maybe that means your nice weather is continuing:) My teen is heading up that way next week to the boundary waters and I hope he gets good weather.

Anne H said...

Sometimes when blogger acts crazy,
I go back and hit the button again.
And it lets me comment!

The last pounds are somehow the hardest to lose.
Be done and go on to something else?
Will that fine day ever really come?
I think I will be "doing this" just about forever.
So I'm learning to love it! A new "normal," maybe!
Awesome !!