Monday, June 6, 2011

Phase 6 and Slimmer this Summer….

So my weight is 173.2. Down a bit, not a huge bit but down. No complaints from me at least it’s moving. However looking at the numbers for phase 6 people, WOW they are doing amazingly great. You guys keep it up, I’m betting everyone of you will be at your goal weight before you know it. I’m working at it, slow but sure but working at it.

Slimmer this summer, well today is day one and I didn’t do anything towards my set goals. I worked from 4am-7pm today and didn’t have the time to do any fish flopping exercises and with it being 90* right now I haven’t taken my walk/jog either. There’s still a couple more hours in my day before I die in a pile so hopefully I get to at least one of these goals.

My eating is per plan and my water intake was up to over 160 oz so far and still time for more. It does take the hunger out of the day when you’re drinking all the time. I have always used myfitnesspal for tracking and no matter what challenge I am on, from the beginning with just me to Allan’s I have used it.

I can not promise I will post every day, there just isn’t time in my day for it. I want to read as many posts as I can and will comment as time allows too. I am so impressed with everyone that I have visited lately. You are all doing something towards getting healthier and happier. It’s hard, no one said it was easy, but it’s possible. Some of you are so strong, others a bit weaker but you all can do it, you all can set your mind to a goal and do it. I know you can, I have faith in you. Heck if I can run a 5K in 34 minutes when less then a year ago I couldn’t make the mail box, you all can skip that hot dog, that Twinkie, that soda and get your body to a healthy place. Some take it slow and steady, some take it as fast as it can come off but as long as it’s leaving and never to return, that my friends is the most important part.

Now it’s onwards and downwards. School is out for the summer here so that means 7-9 kids a day here. It was 90* for most of today but we were outside 10 of the 14 hours of daycare. There was playing in the sprinkler, playing kickball, digging holes in the woods and riding bikes. They ate more then they ever had and loved every single minute of their day. ME TOO!!! Life is good, LIFE IS GRAND!!! Yes stress is still here, yes things are difficult but I have got to not let it get to me like it did last week. It just can’t, I just can’t let it. So this week is going to be a grand one. One filled with happiness, fun, fitness and love.

Take care my friends and have an awesome and relaxing evening. I am heading outside to use the plasma cutter (yes there’s fire retardant sheet between my cutting and the fuel tank, just so you don’t worry) and cut a hole in a truck bed so we can change the fuel pump. Much easier then dropping the fuel tank of a 1988 rusty Minnesota truck.



Casey said...

You keep so busy, Julie, I'm amazed that you have time to blog at all!
And you are doing so well on your challenges! Absolutly inspiring!
And do be careful with that plasma cutter thingamajig!

Ron said...

Sounds like you are doing great.... that is good to hear.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice first day! I didn't go for my walk in this heat either. We opted for an exercise video in the airconditioning. Much nicer.

Susan said...

Great day. Your job is exercise. And to cut the bed of the truck IS much easier than dropping it, it seems.

The Evolution of C. said...

I worked a long day, too! ...I'm looking forward to dying in that pile in an hour or so.

If I'm skipping that twinkie, you can find time for a fish flop or two! ;-)

One day down, here's to day 2! Cheers!

Shawn said...

I love your upbeat, positive attitude! You are an inspiration!

Princess Dieter said...

That is one long work day!

We got to 90 here, too. Maybe higher, but all I remember was the news guy saying 90. It was warm. ; )

Later, babe.

EmptyNester said...

Ok, my inspirational friend. I have joined the Slimmer this Summer challenge! Fingers crossed---

I can't believe y'all went from freezing to 90! WTH? LOL

Michele said...

Bloody hot is all I can say! Thank goodness for splashy pools. I have the grandbabies today; first thing I did was fill up their pool.

You are doing great. It is always going to be just plan hard work to get to our goals in fitness and weight. Read Dr. Fat to Fits piece today on struggles. Spot on. Glad your stress is less.

The Blog Writer said...

Holy Lord! You're working so hard! Know that I'm thinking of you. So glad you're enjoying!