Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am pretty sure….So here’s Monday’s update…

We have big family reunion on Monday along with all that Independence day offers so I am pretty sure I will not have time to do any type of post. I will after all is said and done but the challenge rules are on or before Monday.

So here’s this week’s update:

Well really there isn’t much to update really. I have been doing my exercises and have see a great improvement in my arms and back. My stomach, I just don’t know, I think that thing is here to hang around for days to come but…yes but…I am working on it.

I have been mental watching myself lately and my posture is not the greatest while I’m sitting down. Do any of you have that problem? You just hunch your shoulders, or roll them forward, when you sit down to use the computer or eat? I do find when I’m sitting back I sit tall but I am not one to sit in a chair all the way back, I’m more of the kind of person that lights on a chair for a little bit and jumps back up to do something else. I need to work on that and that just might help the stomach muscles too.

My eat hasn’t been spot on. My calories are good (1200 or so) but with Allan not really around I’m finding it hard to continue with his phase 6. I am finding I am more eating the good for me, regular stuff in great portions but not by the rules of Phase 6. I am guessing that is also why I haven’t lost anything again this week. Well the scale read 169.9 but that’s just 4 oz of fat gone. Still gone but not enough to really count yet.

My week was not a bust though, good exercise, great walking with my 5K in 100 days and eating in the right calorie amounts.

Stressed to the gills this week also. I am hoping that next week we can find a space where we are all comfortable. Today is Mike’s last day, I am hoping they wish him well. I still have my full time family gone, another almost full time family gone and one that was a full time cut back to part time so it’s leaving me with just one family most days and well if you took $800.00 out of your monthly income…I’m pretty sure you’d be stressed too. BUT…of course I’m good with the buts…I will survive, I will continue until I see another door opening or another opportunity in a different way to service kids. Kids are my passion and I just don’t want to lose them. Michele told me to look into some schooling so my future would be more open. I am thinking about this, it’s just I still have to have an income and not quite sure how to fit all that together but more thinking and planning.

Speaking of Michele, remember when I told you we were getting together down in her neck of the woods and going to go sight seeing and all kinds of cool things? Well with my money situation for me to go to her or to even invite her here and treat her to a day out was just not possible so a couple days ago I wrote her and explained and said maybe we should wait another month or two and things will improve. Well my dear Michele said “But, here is the deal: I can wait and will honor your decision, but I am fully able to come up and would enjoy the drive. I also am very easy, and can pack a picnic so we can just go somewhere and just talk. I do not need to go out or be treated. This can be my treat”. Now you tell me how sweet this woman is? I said, yes let’s do that, so on the 16th of this month my new dear friend is coming to meet me, be treated to my area’s walking trails and mines and maybe even a little bit of Antiquing. I really didn’t think I was that worthy of someone wanting to do this. I mean meeting someone in your neck of the woods is different but to drive 150 miles with a picnic and planning to spend the day with me. That is AWESOME!!!!

But I have to stop writing now, my eyes are leaking and it’s hard to type. So there you have my update for week 5 of Debbi’s and Mir’s Slimmer this Summer Challenge.

Take care my friends and have an awesome and spectacular and restful, relaxing, rejuvenating and just plain fun Independence day (or for any one else outside the USA, weekend!!). God Bless you all.


debkhershberger said...

OH JULIE!!! I havent 'known" you very long, but I have a hunch that you are an amazing person that I would just love to spend the day with!! Have a wonderful day with Michelle and give yourself permission to be treated!!!
4oz may not sound like much, but girl, celebrate! At least is gone and not new added on!!
Have a special weekend with your family!!

Jo said...

A loss is a loss, and you are doing great! I admire how you are able to keep up with the exercise. Onward!

EmptyNester said...

Julie, that is so you...thinking that you are not worthy and yet, you would do it for someone without hesitation! Of course you are worthy! You are one of the most positive, open, loving people I know!

Anonymous said...

Great to read that your eating is 'spot on', that is half the battle. Have a great holiday!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Yes, my posture is horrible too, I am trying to work on that. I'm trying to sit up straighter now while typing this!

I so hope that you and Michelle have a great time! What fun! I wish I could be there antiquing with you!

Nice on eating and I'm glad the exercising is showing results! Keep it up!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I miss Allan too, Julie and I wish he would come back. He helps me stay on my toes with my food choices. No one else has the will-power he does and that inspires me. I feel like the haters won and I for one won't be thanking them.

It sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I hope it goes well. I hope your visit with Michelle is fun and I expect you to share all about it when it happens.

Hang in there and have a great weekend.

AlmostGastricBypass said...

Not gone, just lurking... Always checking... Stop eating crap, weigh in is on Monday

Shawn said...

Julie, of course you are worthy. In fact, you are one of the most worthy women I "know" in the blogasphere!

You are an amazing woman and I hope your visit with Michele is a fun filled day of talking and antiquing. Wish I lived closer..I would love to spend the day with you.

Michele said...

I agree with Shawn: You are worthy! I look forward to spending some time with you. But, in the mean time, you are doing terrific in terms of eating your calories. I just can not make it on 1200 calories with my exercise level. So, you should see that scale number go down more and soon.

ENjoy your family reunion! It sounds fun! Thanks for all the kind words about me on your blog. michele

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Sweetie, I'm so glad God gave you Michele. :)

Julie, have a fantabulous time together, you two, okay? Pictures, pictures, pictures- we want pictures!

Waisting Time said...

Sorry things are so stressful:( I hope you and Michele meet up and have a fabulous time... and that you tell us all about it:)

Kaylen said...

You are doing AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work.
I really love the pics on your sidebar-progress is definitely being made!!!!

Yikes, being short $800.00 a month is a LOT to deal with! I can see why you might be stressed.
You're still eating good-even with the stress! That's awesome. I have been stressed....and I ate 10 cookies in a 24 hr period. Quite lame, I am right now! :(

Happy 4th to you-hope it was a good one!

downsizers said...

Some rest and relaxation may be just what you need to come back refreshed and ready to tackle this weight loss thing again. You just pick up where you left off and great things will happen I just know it. Have a wonderful visit with Michelle.

Princess Dieter said...

There are times in dieting when maintaining and resting and reassessing is needful. It just is.

And shoot, for a sweetie like you, driving out for a picnic is totally WORTH IT!

For sure.