Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watch My Weight Wednesday….

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Angie is the wonderful host of Watch My Weight Wednesday and if you have a story to tell, an idea to share, some weight loss, gain or anything else to do with your life style change then head on over there and link up.

This past week or so hasn’t been the greatest when it comes to eating. I am hungry and we have a shortage of groceries here, not the fast cooking kind, but the it’s better for you kind. With a daycare and a hubby and son that all need to eat and not always just fruits and veggies there’s always the wrong kind of eats around here. Try as I might when I get like this it’s darn near impossible to be good. So I have been slightly bad. I don’t over indulge, I don’t eat until I’m so full I can’t move and I don’t not keep track of the screw ups so I’m starting to see a bit of a pattern. Is it possible to blame all badness on PMS? How about if PMS is two weeks early? I’m at the age where my period is fairly irregular, sometimes two weeks apart, sometimes 5 weeks apart. Sometimes I’m lucky …yeah right, lucky…NOT… to have my period twice a month and that means a day or 3 or being bad. Tomorrows a new day and I promise I’ll eat better. I do…:o)

As for exercise I’ve been good. There’s been the bike riding, the strength training and last night swimming. Mike’s Scout Master and I gave 10 scouts and 4 adults their BSA swim tests. I even passed mine. But I followed all 14, 75 yards each up and down the length of the swimming pool. Not at any type of fast pace mind you but still 1050 yards of swimming. That’s 3150 feet of front strokes, side strokes and back strokes. According to my calorie guide it was worth about 540 calories and over an hour of up metabolism. Today, after work, Brenda and I will hit the trails and I need to get a day of fish exercises (that’s the flopping on the floor ones) and another day of strength. At least I’m working off some of that stuff heading for my mouth.

My weigh in is the 2nd of July. I am really hoping for 199 lbs or less. That would be 6 lbs this month. It’s a bit high for me but I’m hoping. If I can keep that crap from running into my mouth that is. I have a physical near the 12th of July and the doctors scale has to say 200 or less otherwise I will not meet the guide lines for the BSA and I need to meet them. It’s so very important to do that.

So it’s onward and upwards. Still learning the ins and outs of this new life style change. So many years of not doing the right thing is hard to break. I thought this wasn’t going to be this hard, it’s been 6 months I thought, heck I can do this, I can keep off what I’ve lost but I see that this will never end, even when I hit the goal I’m shooting for. So I better get it in the rear and get to getting and keep learning.

Take care my friends. Good luck with your life style changes. I am so proud of each and everyone of you that has shared with me, asked me for something, taught me something and more. Keep up the great work. God bless you all!!!


Priscilla said...

Keep up the good work! :)

Angie said...

I hear you when you talk about grocery not in the house. My bad habit it saving the "good" food for the kids. and sometimes not having enough for me. So I eat the not so good stuff...bread. Not terrible but not really healthy either.

I am sure you can reach your goal for July 2nd! Keep working hard! You can do it!

Tree said...

Losing weight is so hard! I think you are doing awesome so far! Every bit is a little closer to your goal. :)

I'm already following your other blog....now following here with all 3 of my blogs too.

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Kim said...

You sound a bit down in this post. It IS hard to make this change - but as you've always said it's a permement change - gotta start loving the rabbit food :) You've done such a good job finding new foods to love that are healthier for you...keep doing that and it's gotta get easier...doesn't it? :)