Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Madness….

So guess what I found? Another blog hop goodie. How I found it….?…I haven’t a clue. I was just jumping from blog to blog this morning just reading and enjoying and came across Home Sweet Farm.  I am so in love with this blogging and blog hopping and finding new people and sharing and getting comments. So today I will spend a little time just playing. I didn’t have morning daycare today and this afternoon just have two big girls and right now no one wants to do anything but watch Myth Busters which usually I don’t let the TV be on but it’s yucky outside and Mike is home so…go for it kids, enjoy the TV and I’ll play a bit here.

So it’s like this…

So go to Home Sweet Farm and add your blog, facebook, twitter or all three and see who you can find to follow. If you follow me, I follow you back and I think that goes for most of the bloggers out there.

Take care my friends and have a very blessed afternoon.

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