Monday, June 14, 2010


So it’s the 14th and that means time to get myself back into my life style change. I didn’t go off of it to badly but I did eat things I shouldn’t of but in moderation, not like before when I would eat until it was gone. I did think yesterday and had a chicken salad from Burger King for lunch and didn’t use the cheese and only 1/4th of the dressing package. So I’m still learning and reading.

I did weigh in and I did measure myself. Both I was very afraid of. Even though I didn’t work hard the past two weeks I didn’t know what to expect. I was up 3 lbs when I snuck in a peek just before Sally came but I didn’t count that because I knew I was relaxing a bit at that time. But I’m back to the 205 and have lost another 4”, just off my arms, hips and calves, nothing off of the middle where I really need it. So that means 20 lbs and 36 1/2” of me is gone.

So for my new goals. I’m still shooting for 180 lbs by 1st of the year. It took me 6 months to lose 20 lbs and I have 25 more to go so think that’s a fair goal and time line. I am still shooting for a comfortable size 16. One where I can go shopping in the clothing department and not look for the xxl or more.

It’s time to get back into an exercise routine. 3-4 days a week at least a strong 30 minutes time. I learned about heart rates so know that I need to get mine up to 132 for 20 minutes each time I work out in order to get a solid work out. I’m going to get on my bike this week too. Right now they are working on our road and the trucks are in a hurry back and forth so won’t go out until after they are done for the day. But I was figuring working out T,T,S and then M,W,F going for a walk or a bike ride. Or maybe a jog since I’ve been dreaming about jogging (I can’t say running because I’m sure what I do isn’t running but it’s faster then walking and when Wilbur comes he’s not just walking fast he’s trotting).

I have to go back to my food journal. I have to, I know that since I wasn’t keeping track that I was over everything I was suppose to be doing. So today is that day. I found a new Free Calorie counter and diet help that I’m going to try. It seems a tad bit easier and friendlier then the other one I was trying but then again I know how to use the other one.


1. Drink lots more water. I am a water drinker and I know I drink plenty of it but I need to keep track to make sure.

2. No more snacking other then the good stuff. I had found out if I eat well from 8-1 then the rest of the day it’s not hard at all. So a good breakfast, a snack, a decent lunch and supper can be something small since I’m not dying by then.

3. EXERCISE. These bat arms have got to go and so does the tummy. I’ll target these areas but just add some extra to my routine because they say targeting just a certain area isn’t good for you. Even my chiropractor said that.

4. Have fun, because if I don’t think will become a chore and we all know what happens when we have to do chores. It’s time for me to find a new exercise disc. I’m going to see what netflix has, that way I can keep it for a month or so and then trade it off for something else.

5. Keep asking you guys for help. Your support means so much to me. Having you here to help me stay strong, to keep me motivated, to give me words of wisdom and advice, it all means the world to me. Thank you!

So there you have it. The restart. Time to get my butt moving again. I’m glad I didn’t take off any more time then I did because I’m not sure if there’s enough dynamite to move this fat behind again.

Take care my friends, please keep your support coming. Thank you and have a blessed day today.


Laurel said...

Good for you to keep on going to that goal! You can do it.

Angela said...

Hey everyone needs a break once in a while,at least you kept your lifestyle change in thr back of your mind and didn't blow it competely! Good work. Setting goals is the best way to do this. I write mine on my blog and on the wall beside my keys so I see them daily. I am glad you have a good outlook on this. You are doing great, keep it up.

Mari said...

Can I just copy your post for mine? Ha. I am so afraid to even talk about my weight. I think I have gone up and down so much in the past month it's not funny...but this morning's weigh in was NOT fun. So I will give myself another week to shout it outloud. Ha.

Yeah for you. We can encourage each other to get going again. I do want to finish this year strong. I have at least 15 more to lose...would like to do 20.

Cheering you are doing great.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Good for you for setting goals. Don't be so hard on yourself that you had issues though. Just start fresh and go on.

Cheering you on!