Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Until the 14th…..

I am taking time off of my life style change because there are so many things happening from now until then that there is no way I can promise to do all that’s good, all that’s right plus I don’t want to have to think about exercising, eating everything just right.

We have company coming, Mike’s high school graduation, his open house, a daycare huge birthday party, camping and two big scouting events. I just can’t do it all so something has to give and though I don’t plan of over eating, eating just sugar or any of that I just know that I can’t promise to be good.

So I’ll be back on the 14th with some new goals, new weights and new measurements. I didn’t exactly mean the goals I first set up but I’m also not disappointed either. I did lose 20 lbs, 35 inches and dropped a size and a half. So I know that I can get back on the band wagon and do it all over again. I do plan on walking and biking and even swimming while I’m off so I won’t be starting from ground zero.

Thank you everyone for your support, kind words and wisdom. Please don’t go anywhere, just be patient with me.

Take care my friends, God Bless you all.


Sandy said...

Good luck! Looking forward to the 14th.

Mari said...

I totally understand. Since being in training and all the stress I've been under, I have not done the greatest, but refuse to beat myself up. I know once life settles again, I will pick right back up. Just trying to manage it all and not blow it too bad.
Praying for you. You will do just fine my friend...just fine!!


Staycee said...

Hey Julie,
I'm glad that you found us and joined us for FMBT. I am now following you back :)
I hope that you have a fabulous week! Staycee ( Survey Junkie )

Megan said...

Following you back! Way to go with your commitment to life style change!