Friday, June 11, 2010

Not the 14th but….

I thought I’d check in anyways but not with numbers today. I have to tell you that the break was good for my mind but not for my body. I’m a bit worried to stand on the scale. Oh I didn’t screw up horrible but I also know I did not exercise, I did not watch my portions and I did eat at least two candy bars and jelly beans but I know from the last time I slipped up, sugar is the hardest to let go of so I didn’t go overboard to much. At least I hope not.

I need to get back into the routine of exercising too. I keep dreaming about it so I know that part won’t be hard. In fact I’m thinking about starting a jogging routine. Oh nothing huge though, just a good start. I read the other night that my target heart rate is suppose to be 132. Do you know how to figure it out? You take 220 minus your age and times it by 80% and that will give you your target heart rate for exercising. And you need to keep that heart rate up there between 20-30 minutes 5 days a week during exercise. I also read that to lose weight you need to take in 500-1000 calories a day less then before you started.

Since the is a life style change for me, not a diet I am more into learning the right ways to eat, exercise and get healthy but along the way I want to lose weight too. So far 20 lbs and 35” of fat gone but I have another bunch to go. I’m going to figure that out on Monday and have some kind of routine or something like that and I’ll be sharing and asking for your support when I start over again.

So that’s life here right now. I do want to share a picture with you. This picture was taken at Mike’s Open House (for his graduation from high school). I have to say that I look and feel good in this picture, so much better then his Eagle Court of Honor in the same clothes. I was a stuff sausage then when I wore these clothes, in this pictures I look so much better, so much healthier. So with those thoughts, take care and have a terrific Friday and a very blessed weekend.

Jim Julie Mike 6-2010


Caution Flag said...

Keep going. Twenty pounds is a great weight loss. Congratulations!

Mari said...

Great picture friend!! Yes, you have made great strides this year. I didn't worry about my weight this past month, with all the stress I went through, I can stress over that too. So come what may, I will get back on track and keep going. Taking some time off is good. I think it makes you desire for the healthy ways even more. Somehow once you start down this path, it calls and beckons us back to it.
I'm cheering you on. One day at a time!!

Kim said...

You're LOVELY!