Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have ten questions I have to ask you guys. You can either post the questions and answers on your blogs and leave me a link or just answer them in a comment but I need some help and I am sure there are others out there too that need some answers too. You don’t have to answer them all either, what ever makes you happy. They are a mixture of question, life, work, kids, family….

So here they are….

1. How did you, do you, going to..handle your son/daughter graduating and moving on with their lives?

2. Are you a close knit family or one that everyone does their own thing and once in awhile meet and chatter?

3. Do you take one day a week or more or something to meet and chatter or spend time together?

4. Do you ever think about going back to college? Any certain profession?

5. Coupons or not?

6. Do you still, no matter your age, try and please your parents?

7. How green are you?

8. How much organic do you buy?

9. How’s you life style change going?

10. What is your most favorite activity in the whole wide world?

My answers for these question are like this:

1. I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I’m at a loss right now. I have the advantage that Mike is staying home for another year working towards going to college.

2. We are a very close knit family though we do lots on our own also.

3. Sunday is family day, always has been and I’m hoping always will be.

4. I think about it but am not sure at all what I’d like to study. I love being my own boss and having my own business.

5. I do the coupon thing most shopping trips. I get tired at times clipping, looking and organizing but I don’t get tired of the saving.

6. With my parents living so close I am always trying to please them. The same as I was at 10 but am now over 40. My mama will tell me, don’t wear shorts today, it’s cold. Mama will say, you need to dust. Daddy will suggest and really a suggestion is often more a you better do it thing. It’s good to have happy parents then ones that think you don’t listen to them.

7. I try but I’m not to good at it. Since we use our garbage to heat the house or hot water in the summer we burn 90% of our garbage. We do recycle our aluminum and glass. We drive very large gas eaters though we do combine all our shopping into one day instead of running all the time. We have planted more trees then we’ll ever use heating out house and garage. So we try.

8. I do not buy organic unless I can afford it and right now affording it is way out of the question. We grow most of our supplies and then can, freeze and dry and are able to have enough from growing season to growing season.

9. Mine has been on hold for a couple of weeks but it’s back to business Monday morning. Really I haven’t screwed up so bad I hope but work will begin again shortly.

10. Camping. I love it and we just haven’t been doing like we use to but life isn’t as easy as it was before either. I’m hoping soon though.


So my friends help me if you will. Teach me more about you and your life. Show me ways I can learn and expand my knowledge. Thank you!!

Take care and have a blessed Sunday!

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Angie said...

1. My Kids are tweens, I don't think I would handle it to well. I can't even think of letting them go yet! But that may change in the future.

2. If we are talking about immediate family, yes we are very close knit.

3. No

4. Yes. To many to list,but I should really think more on it soon!

5. YES!

6. Nope! Stopped doing that so many years ago!

7. Very green. But still room to improve. Working on it!

8. As much as I can afford! So very important to me!

9. Could be better. I need a kick in the butt! But even then I am not sure that will help.

10. Going to the beach! Maybe a nice walk and swim after dinner when it isn't to busy! I would love to live on a beach!