Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today’s the day…..

At nap time today I will do the weighing in, the measuring and will post, I hope, some results. I’m worried you guys, really I am. I know that I could of worked harder but I did make a difference. I did eat less and move more. This was just the first month of many and I know in my mind I have made some improvements so if there isn’t any results it doesn’t mean I failed, it just means I have more work to go and have to do it harder. Tomorrow I am going to start the 30 day shred. I haven’t even looked at it yet but figured why get upset or worry about it, I’ll just do it. I needed to do something the first month before jumping into something that will take more determination and commitment.

Speaking of commitment. This month I will have more to think about and more to do. I have been trying really hard to find the recommended daily allowance of all the things we should have. Don’t mean the 3 servings of this or that, I mean like how much sodium, fats and that kind of stuff. I did finally find that a woman my size shouldn’t have more then 2300mg of salt a day. That’s a teaspoon of salt, I know that’s not something I go over and if I do it’s very seldom. I found this for me too….40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat, that is what the percentage of my intake should be and last, 136mg of Cholesterol a day. Now since so much of my cooking is homemade, not from a can or not from anything with labels I’m finding it hard to add stuff up. I wish I could find a chart that says all of this so I can paste it to the cupboard door and see it every day. Does anyone know where I could find one?

Drink more water….

Eat less food….

Exercise every day or at least more each day….

Take time to thank God everyday for his help that he’s giving me….

Thank all my friends for their support and words of wisdom and encouragement….

All of these is a must every day and something that needs to be imbedded in my mind. If I can have the right mindset then I can do anything, that is with “his” help and all of yours.

I’ll be back just after 1:00 and report my findings.

Have a great morning. God Bless my friends!!!

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Jennifer said...

I don't cook from scratch unfortunately so in that department I wish I could help. I like that you went further into the other required allowances for the other stuff, I may have to take a look for my age. I don't do a lot of salt but because half the time we have processed foods, I know it can be high. I am so looking forward to your weighing and measuring. You can do it on the water, eat plenty of veggies so you won't starve through out the day too. Love your attitude about everything. I heart you! Keep it up lady!