Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bat wings….

Nope, not those ugly flying things. Not bat mans funky cape…those wings that keep flapping after your done waving. You know, that ugly fat under your arm that looks horrible when you where a tank. Yep, that fat. Heck I’ve got so much fat and so many names for it all but I’m working on toning it up. One day I’ll be a fit chick, instead of a fat duck. No, I’m not putting myself down either, I am what I am but I’m trying to make me better.

So anyways, Suzi is a fitness instructor and she has this awesome blog called Confessions of a fitness instructor. And I’ve been visiting her site the past month or so and found an ask me section. I don’t normally ask to many questions I’ll go and research it or something but figured she asked us to ask so I did.

My question to her was….

What exercise can I do to get rid of the bat wings? You know that stupid, very ugly fat that's on the back of my arms near my pits. I'm lifting weights, 3 lbs, working out with Jillian on her 30 day shred and I have lost 2 inches in my biceps but the bat wings aren't seeming to shrink much. Any ideas for this almost 48 year old that needs to lose some weight and get to looking good?

She replied and sent me to her blog with all kinds of ideas, suggestions and exercise. She answered it in two parts because that ugly fat can also be back fat so she told me how to get rid of that first and then today answered the bat wing problem. I love the answers to both and am sharing them with you.



For someone to take the time to address someone else’s concerns takes time and energy and I so appreciated her help.

Now go and check it out, see what you too can learn and together maybe we can have arms and backs that are sexy and not waving when we are done.

Take care my friends, God Bless.


Suzi said...

awwwwww......that's so nice!

I'm glad to help - anyone with a question should feel free to ask me anytime!

Brittney said...

Haha we have always called them "mommy arms" Idk why but thats what they've been named! going to check out how to get rid of them now lol

Janine said...

Ahh, I have the bat wings too :( When I finally get my butt motivated, I'm going to try these suggestions!

Smart Cents Mom said...

Thanks for sharing! I have those bat wings too!

Moe said...

I'm trying to lose 45 lbs too! I totally miss chocolate as well. I put a piece of gum in my mouth every night around 8 and that helps a lot. What is an eye toy? Well, I guess I will have to read on to find out! I am trying to get rid of my bat wings too- I have always called it "teacher arm" because you could really see it when a teacher would write on the whiteboard and their arm fat would just go back and forth, haha. I used to teach and now I have "teacher arm." Good luck on the wieght loss, I am excited to read more!
My twin sister and I are blogging about our weight loss:

Jodi said...

After losing 147 pounds, I have MAJOR bat wings. I call them that too! --- Wanna hear something that really was painful? I am studying to be a medical assistant. I had to buy an Adult Large cuff blood pressure cuff because of my stupid bat wings. I mean I "just make it" with regular cuffs...but I didn't want to chance it. - UGH!