Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cross Country skiing…and Phase 5…


Today the boy scouts, venture crew and us went skiing. It was a great day. The weather was weird though. It’s been warm the past couple of day, in the mid to high 20’s so there has been lots and lots of fog that makes frost on the trees. Here’s a couple of pictures showing the frost.

100_5248 100_5237

100_5240 100_5241

We also found a porcupines den near the trail. Didn’t see the porcupine but did see lots of his lunches.



Allan's Phase 5 starts Monday.... and there is an amazing grand prize for the person that losses the most of themselves. 46 people are in the running and even though there is just one grand prize to be won the best prize will be for ourselves, getting fit, healthy and able to love ourselves again.  Tomorrow is weigh in day. I was 185 last week, I haven’t stepped on the scale all week because part way through the week things had changed and for a bit there wasn’t going to be a challenge and that meant I sorta went off plan. I didn’t over eat I just didn’t eat the most healthy stuff.  So we’ll just see. It’s a new week and new phase.

Take care my friends and have a most blessed Sunday.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It was a great day here for skiing! What fun! Nice that the deep freeze finally left! I'm in the Twin Cities so I'm south of you but we were in the 30's and had tons of fog too. Left the house early and could barely see the car in front of us. Pretty though after it went away! Great pictures!

Twix said...

Looks like a great day. Very nice pics! Good look in the contest! :)

EmptyNester said...

Did you pick up your award/fun game from my post yet? It's here:

Shawn Becker said...

The pictures are great.. I have not skied even though I live in Colorado!
Good luck on the you said, the best prize is your health. I am so proud of everyone that has been on Alan's challenge, it is hard work but will be a lifestyle change.

Anonymous said...

Your days make me want to go out more! I hope you're a top contender at the challenge!

Princess Dieter said...

snowy beauty...and cross country skiing sounds like fun. Downhill, not so much. That scares me. But level ground (kinda), that actually sounds really appealing to me. Other than the whole freezing my butt thing. :D

185. I still only DREAM of that're so close, huh? :)

Michele said...

Love the pictures of you cross country skiing! Hope your weigh in as low-down!