Friday, January 21, 2011

So how’s your morning?

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It’s a bit chilly here and our power is out. So what’s a good northern Minnesota girl to do? Take pictures to share and start up the generator. Really Jim started it up before he left for works so it’s up to me now to keep it running until the power comes back on. The main reason we have a generator is because we use wood heat that pushes hot water through pipes to heat the house, garage, shop and hot water and if that water is not circulating it over heats and busts the pipes and it’s a mess. Our power is out, so is up the road two miles, across the lakes 2 miles and down the road 2 miles so I’m betting the electric company is out working their tails off to get it up and going again. At this temp there is only few hours of time before a house starts to freeze up so if it’s not back soon I’m heading to my parents to drain the pipes and they can come here, the same with our best friends down the road. My grandma lives with my uncle who is just as well set up as we are so I’m not worried about them. And if worse comes to worse my sister and family can come here too until things are working. BUT….our electricity will be back soon, I don’t think it’s ever been out  more then a few hours. Just long enough for us to know about melted pipes from no power.

How’s your day going?

God bless you all. Take care my friends. TGIF!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh Joy!!
How nice that you have a generator and can be prepared for days like this. Lucky neighbors!! :)


Caution Flag said...

Oh, that sounds like a lot of work but I suppose it's far better than the alternative. Hope the power comes back quickly!

JW said...

I am glad you guys are prepared for this at least. My parents lived on a lake and I know they had to be prepared for such incidences, too. Keep warm!! I haven't complained about our winter at all, but I have to say now.. this is COOOOLD.. bundle up!!! I hope your power comes back soon!!

Polar's Mom said...

Goodness, stay warm!!!

Polar's Mom

Anonymous said...

I read this post and got worried for a bit. I've never known about melting pipes. You are so cool to know about all this! I also think that you opening up your house to everyone is the sweetest thing EVER.

Carolyn said...

Stay warm my friend!!
We had temps of -7 this morning with windchill of -30 Brrrr It's cold outside! Wisconsin here.

Patrick said...

Geez, now I feel foolish complaining about -9F yesterday... put another log on teh fire!