Tuesday, January 18, 2011


That’s was my 2 miles walk/run yesterday. The times are getting better. 3 weeks ago in the 40 minutes, last week in the 30’s, this week in the 20’s. I’m not going for distant right now, I want to see just how fast I can get my 2 miles in. I did the C25K last night (as part of the 2 miles) and I’m on week 5 day 2 and it was easy. I skipped the last week doing it just for something different. I can’t help it guys, this walking/running is great. I can’t believe it but it is. I also tried some new gym equipment. I haven’t a clue as to what it’s called but it’s a really tall thing that the younger guys use for chin ups and it has these pulleys that you put handles on and add weights and you can pull down, side ways and up. With my right arm I did 30 lbs but with my left I can’t do 10 lbs. I am really getting to hate my shoulder. So I worked them together and that helped. I don’t want a right arm that’s toned and a left that jiggly so I try to still make that arm work, just not alone.

Since I’ve gotten a pair of my own (borrowed from a daycare parent that doesn’t really want them back so I can wear them out if I want too) pair of cross country ski’s, I’ve been on them daily. Did you know it’s a lot of work staying up? The core muscle I’m using, well I’m finding all kinds of them. I’m not only doing the cross country skiing thing either, check this out.


Mike’s been pulling me behind the snowmobile. He’s having great fun seeing just what I can or can’t do. Like standing up going down hill at 10 mph or more. Nope, not standing up. We’ve been having fun this winter. Mike is enjoying I am out and about with him. The kids are enjoying I’m out and about with them, see….

January 2011 129

You know what else I’m enjoying. Wearing a snowsuit and being able to move in it. Unlike last year when I felt stuffed into it like a sausage. The same for my winter coat, I can fit me and Mike in there.

I still look in the mirror each day and only see a minor change here and there, until I look at old pictures. I wish I had taken those before shots. Anyone starting this life style journey, no matter how bad you hate your body, take a picture or two. You’re really going to want it.

Hey, back to that picture right there, can you see there’s three of us on that snowmobile? Abby said, last year there wasn’t room for two and now there’s three and the kids are a year older, a year bigger. So cool. I’m not bragging though but I am really enjoying.

I have noticed that with all this extra working and playing I am starved. I am doing my best to follow Allan’s plan to the letter but, yep there’s a but, I have had to add a banana’s at 5:00 am and one at 8:00 at night because I am starved. I can’t help it and though banana’s have plenty of sugar in them and that makes my sugar count for the day a bit higher they are filling. I tried the apple, orange, carrots, broccoli and nothing seems to fill that whole like a banana so that’s an extra 200 calories to my list. I do try to lessen something else during the day so not 200 calories everyday but sometimes yep. Don’t scream to much Allan. I’m still trying.

So it’s onward and upwards to a busy day. Kids here at 5am, Jon fed and on the bus at 7, Jim and Mike fed and out the door at 7:20, Hannah and Justin breakfast at 8:30, out the door and house sitting at 10:30 and before that chores with the fire and chickens. Exercising after work at 3:30, home at 6:30 and dinner done by 7:30. A shower, some blogging time and bed by 10:30. To start it over tomorrow except daycare until 6:30 tomorrow night and no gym, just the Wii Fit at nap time. Never a dull moment here.

Take care my friends and have the most blessed day.


AlmostGastricBypass said...

There is no screaming. I emailed everyone and reminded you that no one gets fat from 2 bananas or apples. You are awesome !! Love that you are enjoying the family more now ! That is great...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

All those changes are SO exciting! To see your work and efforts pay off in ways that you notice and enjoy is WONDERFUL! You deserve that, girl! This post put a big smile on my face. :)


RickGetsFit.ca said...

I'm jealous! I miss snowmobiling. We used to have a couple when I was a kid. Having one is on my long-term wishlist now. Cheers!

Casey said...

You are doing great! I'm really enjoying the C25K program, too. I actually look forward to the long runs! And in the beginning I was grunting, groaning and gasping through a 60 second run, and this morning I did a 25 minuite run with no breaks! I love it!

Patrick said...

Oh that is most definitely an NSV: ast year there wasn’t room for two and now there’s three and the kids are a year older...


Anonymous said...

You sound so full of life! It's remarkable! :) Yay for loose clothing!!

Princess Dieter said...

I am insulin resistant, so I can't have fruits by themselves, and bananas don't do it for me, anyway.

BUT...if the hunger gets bad, I just take, like literally 2 minutes, and scramble or omelette some egg whites with a small bit of fat free cheese and onions (I often keep some chopped) or garlic powder or slices of tomato. It's like one of those superquick things that you can eat fast, oo, with some water or tea and no more than 50 cals (even with the fat free American slice. 30 for the egg white, 25 for the cheese).

If you're home, 2 to 3 minutes for a protein snack. Easy.

And a 100 calorie protein shake, ditto. Those satisfy e, get in more fluid, and give me protein with little insulin insanity. :)

Enjoy your snow play!

Polar's Mom said...

Wow, cross country skiing is TOUGH business-good for you!!!

Polar's Mom

Michele said...

Gosh that is a great post from you today. I know just how you are feeling being active. It IS great isn't it to embrace the beautiful outdoors in the winter in MN. Beauiful, Julie, just fantastic. What a great testimony to what you have accomplished!

MissMommie said...

Wow!! That sounds like so much fun!! Those muffins look delish!!