Friday, January 14, 2011

I added ….

A Mcklinky to my goal for 400 miles for year 2011. If you’d care to join me just add your blog to the link there and we’ll work together to make this goal. You can either post weekly, monthly or whatever tickles you pink. I’m going to do it monthly and if I can figure out how to add it to the picture I will.

I’ve been thinking too, if you join me and make your goal I will have a drawing New Years Day for something. It’ll be worth the effort of walking 400 miles this year. Worked out it’s just under 8 miles a week.

Care to join me? Just add your blog if you’d like too.

Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!


EmptyNester said...

I'm signed up with the linky. Now I just need the picture! This is's almost like having someone to walk with. Besides Tucker that is! LOL

Michele said...

Yep. I am in, too. I will check out that site. Have a great week end. Michele

Anonymous said...

You are SO cool! You impress me. I even got smiling about the drawing!! :)