Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday…

On Monday I posted a Help!!! because I’m not doing so well with my life style change. I got some really wonderful comments and help but for some stupid reason I am not doing all the right stuff. I mean I have exercised twice this week but not with all my heart and soul. I have watched somewhat to what I’ve been eating but again not with my heart and soul and I know that next Monday is my weight in and I am not going to be happy with my results and who’s to blame, ME!!!!

How can I get back to what I’m suppose to be doing? How can I get my body to rule my mind instead of my mind telling me remember last week, wasn’t that grand? I know I need to get going again. I have been screwing up for 7 days now, it’s enough. I worked to hard from Jan. 1st to April 22nd to screw up any more. I need someone to come here and kick my butt and get me motivated again.

I need someone to challenge me to something. Got any ideas? I love being competitive so maybe I’ll go look around and see what’s happening out there.

Well guys this is my Weight Loss Wednesday. Nothing grand or worthy of you guys reading. You say I’m inspiring, I teach you things, I’m fun to read…well I’m betting your pretty disappointed in me this week. Tomorrow is a new day, it’s time to get off my butt and start doing what’s right.

I’m sorry to be disappointing this week, next week I promise to be back at it with something to teach you, something to share with you and something inspiring. Or at least I’ll do my best!

Take care my friends and have a great evening. God Bless!!!


Eclipsed said...

It's hard to get into the groove of things at first. Once you've been working out for a bit it becomes a habit that pulls on you instead of the other way around. Keep it up, you're doing an amazing job and I'm totally rooting for you!

roseylittlethings said...


Jodi said... said you want someone to kick your butt.

I will put it to you as I see it. You know how you feel so good when you do well and I think of it this way. Before I put anything in my mouth, I think is this going to be a help or a hinderance. Like when I want that piece of chocolate. I have one piece. The old Jodi would haven eaten the whole box. I just keep thinking to stay strong and not take a step back because going a step ahead feels too good.

Stay strong my friend!!! God bless you always.