Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weight loss Wednesday….

It’s slow, so very slow going. I am thinking starting next month I am going to start stepping on the scale every 15 days or so. This waiting for 30+ days to go by is hard and also hard to know for sure if things are moving or not. Oh I know by the feel of my clothes things are getting better but I think I need to see it and be a bit more accountable for it. So that means on the 2nd and 17th of each month I’ll do an assessment. Just to keep close tabs and I think it’ll be more beneficial. I’ll try it anyways and see.

I have been doing pretty good but I don’t think as well as I was the past three months. I do know I am moving much more then I was but it’s also spring and lots to do. We’ve working on our next winter’s wood supply and now have 5 1/2 cords put up and 3 1/2 waiting to be stacked. Tonight we’ll work on it again. I am counting the lifting, carrying and stacking as part of my exercise too. I am also doing some cardio and weights 3 times a week. I know I’m toning up, I can see it and feel it. I looked at a couple of pictures of me this past week while we were doing some volunteer work and other then I wish I was a beauty queen I’m not looking to bad. Oh such a very long ways to go but am in much better condition then I was in January.

I want to be sure that whatever I do to get to where I need to be is something that I will be able to do for the rest of my life. I don’t want to stop eating this or that because I know it won’t last forever, I don’t want to start something I know I won’t keep up so it’s a huge learning experience for me. I’m doing really good at the recipe exchanges and ideas and even my family is getting more into watching what we are eating. Jim no longer asks if I want fries or other things like that because he knows I can’t and don’t need it. Mike no longer asks for bed time snacks because none of us need that. We are eating healthier and all are getting stronger as time goes by.

My 48th birthday is Friday and I so want to be at my best but I think it’ll be next year that I’ll be at the top of my game, in the best shape ever and I know, I’m a bit impatient but I also know in the back of my mind I can do this and the pay off will be big. I will be around for much longer, more healthy and so much more able to enjoy life and all it has to offer. I don’t know what life will be like once Mike is out on his own and there’s just Jim and I again. But the sky is the limit and we are going to have to work on building a new relationship and togetherness.

Thank you for sharing my weight loss journey with me. Thank you for all your support, your advice and your encouragement. I will continue to need you for a very long time.

Take care my friends and have a most blessed and wonderful afternoon.


Jodi said...

Congratulations Julie on being half way there my friend. You are doing GREAT. I think that you weighing in twice a month is great! I do it weekly and sometimes it gets frustrating. I was thinking of switching it up to twice a months too.

Sorry I've been such a stranger. I've been sick and still not recovered. I may need a 2nd round of antibiotics. Plus school is crazy. I have SO much homework and a project do. I'm also going to hospice more and took on a patient. I'm also doing a project for the patient and his family so they can remember him. It is very emotional....

I hope you are OK!! Wanted to say hello and I was thinking of you. Keep up the great work with the diet. God bless you my friend.

Jodi said...

OK..I totally messed up Julie..I looked at the ticker wrong. But are doing fabulous. You keep up the good work. Stay strong and know that God is with you through it all!!!!

Lisa @ Another Day Today said...

I'm very frustrated! 1 lb loss the first week. When I did WW a few years ago, I lost almost 5 in the first week.

Once class is over (next week is the last week!!) I'll have more time to walk and exercise.

I may switch to weighing in every two weeks - I need to hide the scale because I'm tempted to weigh every day and I know that's not good :)

Your blog is very encouraging :)

Kim said...

How come it isn't good to weigh every day? I haven't researched that at all...would once a week be too much? You are doing GREAT and I'm so PROUD of you - it give me a "warm fuzzy" to think that you'll be around longer...

Caution Flag said...

I just turned 48! My husband has lost 40 pounds since September. I lost 10 and then regained them. *sigh*

Terri ~ "T" ~ said...

Julie, you are doing great! You look great and you are doing it a very healthy way. This way you'll keep it off too.
Happy Birthday!