Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Swap…


So I hope that everyone got their partners now and are figuring out what to send them. Isn’t this fun? I had a blast getting everything ready and then Justin helped me pair up the most of you. If something is missing or wrong with your partner or the e-mails I sent out please contact me and I’ll get them straightened out. I think it’s all okay, I did mess up on one name and e-mail but that got cleared up so I think all is well in the Garden Swap world.

To the right I have put up the MckLinky so when you receive your goodies, post on your blog what you got and then stop by here and leave your name and post and everyone will get to see just how much fun all of this was. I set the link to start next Monday and end May 2nd. I think that will be plenty of time but if we need more time please tell me and since I figured out the MckLinky thing I can change it.

Now to give you a sneak peek on something. May 5th is my one year anniversary and I’m going to be having a give away. It’s not going to require anything but leaving me your name and e-mail address in a comment. No tweeting, no face booking, nothing, just signing up. I have a box of goodies I’ve been working on and I promise it will be worth your time to sign up.

So it’s onward and upwards to continue my life style changes. I was talking to Kim today and we were talking about cookbooks. I love them, I save them, I use to use them quite often but they are the ones that make hearty meals, fattening desserts and such. Kim convinced me to go though my cookbooks and donate them. I have some of course I can’t part with but some that just don’t have healthy recipes in them plus the fact that I can go on-line type in something and at least 100 recipes will pop up. I live in quite a small home and all space is needed. It’s going to be hard but she’s right, it’s time to go though them. I’ve been trying to stick to my new years resolution of fixing a new meal a week and I’m not perfect but have done quite a few. Some that Mike or Jim will say please make again or others times they’ll say that’s something you don’t have to try again. I love all the fruits and veggies that are coming into season and not costing an arm and a leg. I have fresh broccoli almost every night and the asparagus, I just love that stuff. I can’t wait for raspberries, black berries and blue berries (I can’t have strawberries, boo hoo).  I wish I had made smoothies years ago, the kids, family and I love them.

Well my friends, good luck this week and keep working hard. Thank you so much for all your love and support. There is no way I could of make it to this point if it wasn’t for you. I also want to thank you all for your kind works and prayers for my family and Cindy. Cindy is out of the hospital and hanging in there. She is improving every day and will see the doctor on Thursday to see about her bone marrow testing. I find it so amazing how one week ago we were afraid she wouldn’t be coming home and here she is at home and able to do a bit of shopping and go for a car ride and enjoy. Praise the Lord!!!

God Bless you all!!!!

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