Saturday, April 10, 2010


Why in the world does it seem that no matter how hard you try you can not get enough to eat when you have your period? Why is is that candy just calls and calls and calls and you can’t ignore it or it just keeps calling until you go batty? Why is it that the bottom feels like it’s gonna drop out and the tummy wants to explode and the back wishes it really were broken instead of just feeling like it? I HATE PERIODS!!!! It’s really a good thing they only come once a month for a few days otherwise can you imagine how big I’d be. I mean I’m not little now but with what I’ve eaten the past two days I’d make a mama whale look like a kitten. This really sucks. And I’m trying to be good, really I am but I can’t. So with that said, after going 3 months without french fries I ate a full order at bowling last night. Today I ate a box of malted milk balls, 3 slices of pizza and a pieces of Hersey’s chocolate. I am hoping now that this months cravings are done but this is only day two of my period.

So I guess we’ll just going to call this week a wash. I exercised three times, rode my bike about 5 miles and walked about 10. I don’t think I went far enough if II had walked the whole earth around twice!!!

Does anyone else have periods from hell? How do you deal with the hungry or like me this month just give up and go for it. I do have to admit my periods aren’t normally this demanding, good thing too. Tomorrow a new week I’ll start all over again.

While waking this week with daddy I took a couple spring pictures. It’s finally spring here but being Minnesota we also know that next week it could snow, blizzard or get way below zero. It wouldn’t stay but it would be enough to freeze all the pretties that are blooming. Anyways, here’s a couple pretty pictures to share.

100_1612 100_1606 100_1609

Tomorrow’s suppose to be another beautiful day. I hope you all have a great and blessed day. Take care my friends.


SueDohNihm said...

Periods...uhg. I feel for ya. Chocolate, dark chocolate, is my down fall. Sometimes you just have to have a little of your cravings. Eat it slowly and you will eat less.

Also, email has been sent :-)

If you just have a general sweet tooth, and not allergic to honey, I find that having a teaspoon or tablespoon of it helps calm down the cravings.

Mari said...

I haven't had a period in awhile (yeah!!!) but I still do have some occasional pain...hormonal...and the hungries. Yes, seems during those monthly times I crave very fattening and sweet foods. Chocolate for sure. Funny, my man and I went out and had a big fat juicy hamburger and french fries Friday night. OH my. Haven't had that since January! It was so good. Just when I hit an all time low in my weight, it seems I get these cravings and then go eat a few pounds back on. But I stay there. Up and down a pound or two. Phew. It's a process and I'm trying to get better. You are doing A-okay. Cheering you on.


Diane {} said...

Happy follow friday, I'm still making the rounds :) and following you back. I'm yes, I do hair too.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I hear you! I feel less crampy the more I eat so I totally justify it!

Carolyn Christie said...

Yep mine is from hell. I had that procedure done 4 years ago. {can't remember the name of it} But i still have my hormones, look out when they kick in. I wish i was done!!