Monday, April 5, 2010

Biking riding….

Is it good for you or not? Really I know it is but…..all that huffing and puffing, all that complaining about the hills, all that “Mike, wait for me”, is it worth it?

Clipart Picture of a Vase of Flowers Mascot Cartoon Character Riding a Bicycle

According to it is a wonderful exercise for you. It’s almost as low an impact on your joints as walking. Pedaling strengthens the quadriceps, calves, hips and buttocks, without putting a lot of stress on the joints. When biking outside the vitamin D is excellent and it’s a great stress reliever. Plus when you push it the cardio is excellent. I bet my heart rate was way past the point of excellent but I’ll get better at that.

They say a 150 lb person that rides for an hour can burn from 240-410 calories going between 6-12 mph. I only went for about 15 minutes and about 3 miles but I also got some walking in there since I can’t make it up the hills yet. So that means I didn’t burn tons of calories but some and I did get out there and try. It’s more then I’ve done for at least 3 years.

I just read this at a different website and though I seen it before it’s finally sinking in.

The higher your resting metabolic rate, the more calories you burn even at rest. So eight hours after your bike ride, sitting on your couch, you’re still burning extra calories! I’m sure that’s after being out there for a good hour of moderate to hard riding but still I bet it counts working up to that.

Bicycling also works to strengthen the core region of the body, the abdominal and back muscles. A strong “core” is essential for good balance and posture, and beneficial for activities of daily living.

So there you have it, bike riding is good for you. So that means, “Mike, wait for me” is going to work out just fine and time with Mike is worth all that huffing and puffing.

Hey, update, I told Jim what I weight and said how I want to weigh less then him and he said, “you do, you do!!!” YEAH!!! Never in my married life, that’s almost 30 years guys, have I ever weighed less then him.

Thank you guys for all of your kind words and help. There is no way I could of done any of this without you. Thank you to Mike, Kim and Brenda the most, you guys have supported me, helped me beyond any words I could say. I need all the help I can get and so appreciate all of you!! THANK YOU!!!

It’s onward and upwards to a new week. What challenges are you facing? Need some support, a word of wisdom, a helping hand? I’m here if you need me. I will stand beside you, I will give you a push to keep you going, I will love you no matter if you screwed up today or did your best day. Let’s get this life style change a kick in the butt.

Take care my friends and have a wonderful and blessed week.


Carolyn Christie said...

TFS~ I love bike riding!! I bought it last summer and just got a free tune up. I'm ready to roll! I'll have to check out

Have a blessed day my friend!

Kim said...

It's worth it! And you can go so much further than just walking...see new sites! It's good and fun to switch it up!!

SueDohNihm said...

There's really no place safe to ride my bike here and it won't fit in the car to take it to the park, so I have a stationary one with resistance settings. Not as fun as being outside but, whenever I want to spend an hour in front of the TV, I sit there, that way I'm still exercising and not being a couch potato!

Puanani503 said...

I like both..but prefer walking. Somehow I'm always bumping into something and falling off. I'm also a new follower from Friday Follow!


Miss Fit said...

New follower! I am glad summer is coming and thinking adding bike rides during the week is just what I need! Thanks for the encouraging word.