Saturday, April 17, 2010

Has anyone…

Taken a 3+ mile hike though the woods? Following two men with legs like giraffes and GPS’s to follow? Well if not, come out here one day. Both guys want to head out to a lake we found on the map and it’s about 2 miles in and back. We went for a walk Wednesday evening. Jim wanted to find the corner stakes from a 1893 survey. Now I have lived out here since I was about 8 so I’ve walked this land, the land next to us for many years and I do know where things are or about where they are. But you can’t tell that to two guys with GPS’s because they aren’t wrong. Well not exactly wrong but not right either. So we walked, we marked the trees I followed the old fence line that was put up in the early 1900’s, it follows the property line in most places. We finally get to the place Jim says it’s suppose to. That’s after over the river and through the woods to the survey marker we go. He says it’s here, somewhere in a 35’ radius or so. Me, I know it’s not. It’s over there, where the yellow marker is, where the metal thing is in the ground. I finally pipe up and lead the way and low and behold, the wife was right. Kind of cute really, they look at you like how in the word did you know that. No I didn’t say I was right or anything. Just smiling make it good enough. I do have to say we had a blast walking though, with no distractions it’s the perfect time to just chatter or walk and enjoy. We left at 6:00 and got home just at dark so I’m counting that as my exercise for Wednesday except, I didn’t know we were going to go for a walk and since I didn’t exercise to hard on Tuesday I decide to really have a work out. So between my mean work out and our walk, I wasn’t able to move yesterday, at least not very fast. I even begged last night to just stay in and do nothing. For me that’s strange because I love being outside when I can but I hurt. It seems either I don’t work hard enough or I work out to hard. Not to many of those in-betweens.

I’m learning though and listening more to my body. The “I’m full” part is finally working. I don’t ever remember having that button work. I would just eat until my plate was empty and go back for more. Now the “I’m full” button is telling me to quit eating, sometimes 1/2 way though my meal. It’s great. I have also found out something, I am hungry in the morning but if I eat my fill at breakfast, have a snack and lunch the rest of the day I am fine. I don’t usually want a snack in the afternoon and dinner time I’m happy with just a small plate of whatever we’re having, as long as I have eaten my fill in the morning. So my mornings are like this, a bowl of cereal with Mike at 7:00, a pieces of toast with Hannah and Justin at 9:00, 1/4 of a cup of almonds at 10:30 or so and lunch with the kids. Sometimes a hot dish, or meat and salad. Always some kind of fruit and veggie too. Most of the time all of the items are the good for me kind. Like multigrain Cheerios, or Bran and fruit, whole wheat 45 cal bread with a thin coating of peanut butter or jam, the almonds are a mixed bag, plain one with the salted ones. It’s hard from me to eat just the plain ones so bought a big bag of them and a small bag of the salted one so in every hand full I get 5 salted to 15 plain. The hot dishes are homemade ingredients and the meats are something from the farm or here.  I think the main thing about this life style change is I am thinking about every single ingredient I use, what is better for us, what can I use to add taste without something bad. I am forever watching my portions and have made sure I never eat as much as Mike and Jim. I read somewhere, or heard it, when we are eating with our man we tend to eat as much as he does and we don’t need that.

I’m 1/2 way through this month and I feel even better then last month so I’m learning. 3.5 months so far, by time I get a full year in I bet I will be in the best shape ever both physically and mentally.

Know something else, as long as I’m fixing the physical body, I’m working on my mental one too. I have been more opened, more honest. I listen more and hear more. I do seem to cry easier and my moods aren’t level yet but I think in time all of that will become normal too. Well, my kind of normal. I am finding more time for my Savior, I have found a couple super cool ladies that have devotions and ideas and discussion groups that I read and think and reflect with. I have my daily devotion on my computer each morning waiting for me. I know I have a very long ways to go with the Lord but he’s patient and loving and letting me learn that I need him and to lean on him.

This past week and a half has been stressful beyond belief. With my sister so ill, my nephew sick, my parents needing me, my family needing me, my daycare kids sick and some personal business I am at my peak. It’s a good thing this morning I have no one. Time for the Lord and I to chatter or really for me to sit quietly and listen while he teaches me his word, his thoughts, his ideas.

So this is my check in guys. Just life here with me and my life style change. Next Friday, the 23rd, is my birthday and I am hoping that I will be in better shape then the past 10 years, maybe even 20 years. At least I’m giving it my best shot.

Take care my friends, have a wonderful weekend. God Bless you all!!


Mari said...

Great post, Julie. I am so happy for you!! You are really doing amazing and I am very proud. You truly encourage the rest of us in this healthy journey! Thanks for sharing.
Oh yes, happy "early" birthday! Hope it's the Best yet.

Feeling Fit With Dana said...

You are on the right path, to health, to happiness and to loving life! To help with the soreness, add in stretching or yoga. It will help A LOT! If you want a sample of Shakeology, let me know. I love the stuff!! I hope you have a less stressful weekend! Lean on God, he's there for you!