Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s weight loss Wednesday….

I will admit I haven’t been following my own advice this past week. With two friends dying, my mom’s best friend on her death bed, my sister doing so poorly I haven’t been putting my mind into exercising. I have been but not to the top of my performance possibilities. I’ve been outside more, raking, cleaning out the garden, cleaning up the yard and all the kinds of stuff but for exercise like lots of walking, riding my bike or doing my weights, not to good. Monday I did work out hard and walked 12,000 steps plus played tennis with Mike Tuesday some weights but nothing to much, today nothing yet but we did just get 2 cords of wood that have to be stacked because 2 more are on their way. Getting started for next winter. So that will mean lots of bending, stretching, lifting and all tonight and tomorrow. So I’ll count that just not traditionally. I need to get out and ride my bike, it felt good to do that so maybe some time today between the visit to Cleo, Cindy (total opposite direction), the wood pile, daycare after school and dinner time I can do it.

I am however doing well on the eating part. Gum seems to take care of the sweet cravings if I just can’t ignore them and I chew it way past the point of any sweetness left so I think it should count as a negative calorie. I haven’t made any new recipes either. I know, I need to but it’s just so hard to concentrate right now. I don’t think constantly of Cindy or Cleo but they are in the back of my mind always.

I’ve got to get my mind and body back into the game of this. I’m still losing and toning but shouldn’t it be a bit faster? I know I didn’t get to looking like mama whale overnight. I put on some shorts I had worn last year, boy are they baggy. It’s a good thing garage sale season is starting. I think I’ll go for at least one size smaller and maybe try two and have them waiting. Maybe I won’t have to go into the big girl department to buy something, just maybe by fall I can go to the normal girl department and find myself something cute for the holidays.

So there’s hope. I’ll keep working on me, taking care of me so that I can be there for family, when they need me.

Take care my friends, remember when you have a moment to please say a prayer for my sister, Cindy. God Bless you all!!

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SueDohNihm said...

That's right girly! Take good care of yourself so you can continue to take care of those around you. And from what I've been reading, you are always on the go caring for everyone else. Don't forget to take some quality quiet time for just you and God, even if it's only a spare ten minutes.

Oddly enough, gum has the opposite effect on me. Makes me want more candy.

You're doing great, keep it up!