Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready, set, GO!!!!

So it’s the new week and it’s time to jump back on the train again and get moving. Also to start posting again, you know when you take time off you miss it. Well I do. I miss the writings, the comments, the thoughts and ideas. I dream about writing about this or that, I wonder just how you guys are doing and well….I just missed it. So I’m back and I hope that you’ve hung in there waiting for me but I sure do understand if you’ve moved on too.

So last night Brenda and I went for a 4 mile walk in 65 minutes. I wish I knew how to figure out how fast that is but we did pretty good. We have trimmed about 15 minutes off of time since we started going the 4 miles. We aren’t going to add any more length to our trip but just try to get the time less, especially since we aren’t able to walk this week until 6:30 at night and by 8:00 it’s dark. Today at nap time I will start Jillian and her 30 day shred. I am hoping I can do her M-F and possible Saturday mornings. I know it’s suppose to be the full 30 days but Sunday is not an exercise day, it’s family day and though I’m sure they’d let me if I really wanted too, I don’t want too. I am also going to play on the Wii for a bit as a warm up before Jillian.

So for my weight… Sunday 199, Monday 198, Tuesday 199. I’ll take it and now know that even if I’m not perfect I can maintain, at least for short periods of time. Not that I’m quitting mind you, I still have 18 lbs to go by the end of the year. I did weigh on my scale, not the Wii but will see what that says this afternoon. With it getting really close to “that time of the month” I’m expecting the increase for a few days.

Oh I have a question if anyone sees fit to answer. I read tons and tons about wraps. Wrapping this and that in a wrap to eat. I am stupid, I know I am. I’m a farmer that just makes meat, potatoes, veggies, rolls and desserts for meals and in-between these are hot dishes of all kinds. I haven’t a clue what a wrap is. Is it a soft shell taco? A tortilla? I do make home made tortilla. The ones I do make works out to 16 calories a tortilla, is that good?  Oh I know I could look all this up but so many of you have recipes and ideas and all kinds of things I thought I’d ask you first.

So for meals, I have manage to cut my eating back quite a bit. Today I start tracking it again instead of just doing it in my head. I just need to keep that up until I can see something and know how much, how little or is it possible today. Is it true a person is suppose to just eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday and have a different supper? I read that it makes counting calories and all much easier. I’d think it’d get boring. Does anyone do that?

I have a rabbit I’m going to bake up next week for my daddy and I again. Daddy and I were talking about that this past weekend and drooling just thinking about it. I wish I was a big brave hunter and I’d raise my own rabbits for eating but since I’m not, guess I’ll just have to go and talk to Terri.

Okay, it’s time to peel the beets. I am getting my garden all cleaned out. Other then tomatoes it’s done now. I’ll have a few more bags of beets when done and then I’ll start on the tomatoes that are on the table. I made spaghetti sauce last week. Here’s a couple pictures of what that looks like. I so love that stuff.

August and September 004

The peppers, onions, garlic and seasonings

August and September 068

Oh the smells, I just love it cooking down.

August and September 083

This is about 1/2 of what I did that day, I forgot to take a pictures before I started putting it in the freezer. I freeze some, can some and share some.

So it’s now onwards and upwards to the more healthy, better, physically fit me. I am running out of fat lady clothes, YEAH!!! and refuse to buy any new clothes until I reach my goal. I got to go to the Goodwill on Saturday and picked up two pairs of jeans, an 18 and a 16. Well the 18 can fit me and you in them and the 16 are pretty good. I wish I had just tried them on instead of thinking they’d be fine. I also wish that there was a standard 16 or 18 so a person could just go and buy a pair and they’d fit.  I have two size 16 shorts that I can barely get one leg in and my other two fit perfect. I have 1 pair of 18’s I couldn’t get a leg in either but another pair I have to wear a belt to hold up. But….they aren’t 20’s or 22’s any more so I’m not complaining to much. I also got me an XL shirt that fits perfect and a large that fits, no more 22/24’s there either. I’m trying folks.

Please see if you can answer my question about the wraps and same meals.

Now take care and have a blessed day today. Good luck with you life style changes and your diets. And mostly, thank you for hanging in there and all your love and support. I know, for a fact I know, that if it wasn’t for you guys there is no way I would of lost the 28 lbs I have now or the 40+ inches in fat. It’s the support guys, I know it is. THANK YOU!!!

God Bless you all!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

A wrap is a tortilla... If u can make it out of wheat flour- the better. less calories...A wrap can also be lavosh which is a flatbread too. Google lavosh and u will come up w/info... and yes portion is the key.. and avoid sugar.. sugar is a killer to weight gain.. I knew a gal who failed at Weight Watchers and went back to drinking sodas.. She ballooned up.. On weight watchers they stress drinking water.. She look great while on WW and I guess she either got bored or got addicted to sugar again..

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I don't think anyone counts calories.. In the old days I had a friend who actually weighed her food, and after awhile she could just eyeball it... as long as u are eating plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, poultry, fish and some meat u should be fine... Less processed is the best..Bethenny Frankel (skinny girl dish diet book) says she does not believe in staying completely away from cravings... she said to have them but limit the amt.. and the times u have them... she believes that if u don't have what u desire (within common sense) then u will eventually pig out on it..so have the ice cream but make up for it the next day..either by exercising it off or deleting the sweets.. I do that and haven't had any problem.

Angela said...

4 miles in 65mins is 16:15 min miles. Way to go! Keep it up! Soon you will be at 15 min miles! :)

Mari said...

Hey Julie...You are so awesome! I have taken myself off the tracks too for awhile, and am motivated to get back on and finish this year successfully...and YOU encourage me to do it. Wow.

I hope I can be as resolved as you. With work and stress, my eating just goes to pot. Ha.

I just had a wrap from Chickfila the other day and it was good. I imagine it's healthy...minus the ceasar dressing you smear all over it.

I would also love to have some of your spaghetti sauce...how awesome does that look? Good for you.

Okay...enough for now...gotta go leave for work really soon.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Julie, read your comment.. yeah, i was kinda surprised at the length of the video.. just couldn't pass it up tho... reminds me of a lot of people in that situation, i can relate to it and i'm sure others can.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Generally I thought of a wrap as a tortilla but you can make wraps out of other things. Like I have made chicken salad wraps in an iceberg lettuce leaf. If you peel a whole leaf out... they make GREAT wraps. I have a picture of it from my link on my blog "Margene's Lean and greens"... but there are SO many ideas you can do with wraps.

Great job on fitting into smaller clothes! Woo Hoo!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Julie !!! A littel over 16 min a mile is moving at a pretty good clip....PS I am still stairing at your food pics...why hasn't google created smells for your food pictures yet ;-)