Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day one…..again…..

Well not really because I just took a little time off and in that time I didn’t screw up tons. I however didn’t exercise much at all. I did go on a 5.8K hike on the Washburn Trails north of Outing. A couple 2 mile power walks but that’s about all. I did eat donuts, M&M’s, Cheetoe’s while camping but none in excess. I still have over 1/2 bag chips, 3/4 bag M&M’s but no donuts but then again I wasn’t the only one huffing them down. I have found out my tummy is tender. When I eat things I haven’t been for the past 8 months it doesn’t like it. My taste buds thought it was pretty good but not my tummy and since that thing screams louder then my taste buds I will be better at listening now that school is starting and so is my life style change.

I have 18 lbs to lose before the end of the year. I have sit-ups that need doing, weight lifting that needs doing, more walks and I want to start Jillian again. My first day back with Jillian was going to be this week (school starts Thursday here for the elementary kids) but since I’ll be gone both Thursday and Friday with my grandpa’s funeral and then burial out of town I’ll give a fresh new start, Day one, on Monday. I will however watch what goes in my mouth because my tummy is still arguing over this past weekend.

I have to set some goals though. This not writing things down is dumb especially since we all know how important it is. So for everyone to see and know I have some things to write.

1. Even though Buttershots taste pretty good camping, a whole damn pint of the stuff, I will not be drinking that again for a very long time. Stupid people do stupid stuff when they only drink once every 3-4 years and then regret it later on. Can’t share but use your imagination. I wonder how many calories were in that bottle….no I really don’t want to know but I bet plenty.

2. I need to not worry so much. I pray for guidance but I don’t always wait for an answer. I try and try to do what’s right but things don’t always end the way I’d like. I know, if I had waited a bit longer, talked a bit more to God then things would turn out differently or maybe not but I need more patience and not to worry so much.

3. Life Style Change, time to work very hard on it. To really look at new ways to cook for my family. To work in exercise daily, to learn a new way of life. A healthy way.

4. To take the time I need for me. I know that sounds selfish but as I grow older I have learned that if I don’t, I’m not good for anyone. I’m not very good at it but somehow I need to start craving out some me time. To do what? I don’t know but find something that’s good for me.

On Monday I will weigh (Tuesday and Wednesday.  It is suggested that you just don’t take one weight and believe it especially if you weigh in just a couple times a month) and measure and give you the information to help me finish up this part of my life style challenge. Then to learn to maintain, to learn forever what is good and healthy and to learn what moderation is all about.

So my friends, take care and thank you for being patient with me. This life style change is a constant learning experience and even though it isn’t easy, well it is so worth all the effort because I have lost 28 lbs, 45 inches and feel a thousand times better and after the next 18 lbs are gone well then it’ll be a job to learn maintaining and staying healthy.

Have a great Friday, a terrific weekend. Take care and God Bless!!


Cheeseboy said...

Good luck with your efforts. I hope Jilian whips you into shape. I doubt you'll miss the buttershots.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh Julie... I totally relate to your #2 about not worrying and begin patient for guidance! That is my life in a nutshell. Someone told me once that when we worry, it shows a lack of Faith. I think that is true at times, when we don't do all we can and trust that God will come through. It is hard to wait for the answer when things seem so pressing right NOW. I am trying to learn patience too!!

Good for you for losing 28 pounds!! And 45 inches... that is amazing!! I like your persistent attitude! :)

God Bless!!!

Trudy Callan said...
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Kim said...

You did BUTTERSHOTS and you haven't told me about it? Well, it has been a bit chaotic...can't wait to hear THAT story...a PINT...I just can't believe it! :)

Mommas Soapbox said...

following you now! Found you on Follow Friday. Good job! Keep up the good work and rub some of it over on me, would ya? Thank you!

By the way... I'm the wife of a small business owner to, ain't it fun?! LOL (smile)

Nice to "meet" you!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Buttershots? Wow, it's been awhile. We all have to start Day One over and over. Maybe this will be the last! Keep it up!

Carolee said...

LOL- we just started camping again

( so I can relate- except I've did that stuff in the OLD days.....and not with Buttershots.

I try to behave now :-)

Speaking of old:

I guess we get a little slow as we age....

I'm still trying to catch up from Fridays over 40 blog hop.

Hope you had a great one!

Suzi said...

see, th world didn't end because you took a break! You were able to have your fun eat the junk you haven't had in a while and got all of that out of your system.

I'm really sorry to hear you about your grandfather, my thought are with you and your family. Do what you need to do and when life settles down you can get back to business.