Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Between kids, chores and animals…

I did this today. I don’t normal share food with you guys but wanted you to see I am working hard on eating and cooking right. So this post is just pictures. ENJOY!!!

Mid August 026

Veggie beef stew. Nothing in there except that and it’s my hamburger so just about 98% lean.

Mid August 028

My most favorite seasons for just about anything I cook.

Mid August 030

This will be chicken veggie soup. All veggies from my garden and my poor (yeah right, not to poor for me), roosters.

Mid August 031 

Poor rooster, not poor tummy’s.

Mid August 033

My lunch.

Mid August 034

The kids lunch and they ate the whole thing, we had the clean plate club award today.

Mid August 037Mid August 035

Now it’s time to start peeling tomatoes and getting the ready to freeze. I’m thinking salsa today but not positive yet. We’ll see when I get that far.

Take care and have a blessed afternoon. It’s just about nap time here so that means Julie meet Jillian. Let’s see if she can kill me off right away this time.

God Bless!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I wish I could hire you to be my personal cook/chef!!! That food looks SO good! I miss good home made stews and soups. Yummy!! :)


Jo Frances said...

Your dishes look great---I don't often get hungry looking at low cal food, but I did with your pictures.