Saturday, July 9, 2011


That’s what the sunburn is doing now but I can handle that, I can sleep again.

Today I taught my venture crew some canoe safety. Which means I put them in a canoe and tipped it, over and over again. Teaching them how to get into a canoe filled with water and paddling it around. Teaching them how to get as much water out of it and getting back into it without filling it up again. How to steer, how to paddle and how to just have fun and not panic when someone wiggles. They did excellent. I was tired cuz it’s a show and tell type teaching. After we worked on that for a couple of hours we then worked on our gear and needs. I think everyone is getting how important all of this prep is before heading to the BWCA for 9 days of no contact with civilization and just us to rely on.

I  have been starved the past couple of days but have been keeping things in check, pretty close. We are out of fruits and veggies so it’s been hard finding healthy but it’s shopping day tomorrow so that will be great.

Exercise hasn’t been up to par. I just am not finding the time, or maybe it’s taking the time cuz I am sitting down now and I could of done something other then my walk before this. I did work hard with the kids today so am counting that.

Look at what I found today…Soon we’ll be having our own fresh veggies. The beans looked excellent and starting to bud and the corn is over knee high now, the peppers have flowers and the kohlrabi needs thinning and is health too.


I hope you all are having a terrific weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!


Michele said...

You are just the person I need to teach me how to get in and out of a canoe when it tips. Did any of the kids get scared?

Love the baby tomato coming. Nice work!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

if you have an Aloe, cut a piece off and rub it on the itch, it works.