Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow, what a weekend…

You want to talk about busy. You want to talk about fun. How about you want to talk about a great family and many wonderful friends. That is what my weekend was.

We celebrated our 15th family reunion with a party for my mama and daddy’s 50th wedding anniversary. It turned out so great. It was mostly a surprise, I did share with mama a bit ahead and I told daddy the day of. But it was fantastic and the love, cards, sweet comments in the guest book, WOW!!! Here are the pictures to go with out great day.


I was told the cake was awesome. I did not have any. In fact I didn’t have any of the sweets except a couple tiny mints the whole day. No chips or dip. No breads either. I ate fruit, a few chicken wings, lots and lots of water and the veggie tray. I was a good girl.


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Here’s the pre-party spread. Nothing on the back tables yet, it’s coming.

 100_6891  100_6907

Mama always has a program with poems and music and some funnies and then of course I got to say something about the surprise.


Daddy waiting for the cue for the music.

100_6912 100_6914


These kids start out so little when the games begun. We use to not have any that were competitive because there would be hurt feelings if someone won so we always made them team games and not a win/lose kind. It was fun this year, we played games that were modified from the game show Minute to Win It. It was so much fun.


And the best, mama and daddy cutting their cake. 50 years guys, that’s a very long time to put up with your partners mistakes and quirks but the most important part, all of their love.

Here is the picture of their wedding picture and now. The cutest couple I know.

 0701111149a 100_6056

Well it’s a new week and I am sure I will have plenty more to share as the week goes by. Take care my friends and have a great one. God Bless you all!!


Ronnie said...

Sounds like a great weekend, love all the pictures. :)

The Ninja said...

What a lovely weekend! My grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary about 3 years ago and we did a huge surprise party for them.

I -love- the vintage picture of them, how cute!

Michele said...

What a great party! That cake is lovely! I am impressed that you did not have any treats. Wow, Julie! BTW: You look terrific and so cute in that outfit you wore.

I remember my own grandparents 50th. It was something. Nothing better than having a life long partner. Good for your parents! tell them congratulations from me.

downsizers said...

Good Job! It's not about the food. Congratulations on wise choices.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

50 years!! Wahooo!!! That is awesome. They are an adorable couple too. Great job staying away from the yucky foods, too! You rock Julie!!


Laryssa said...

Looks like you had a great time this weekend and you did really well with your eating.

Waisting Time said...

You rocked that!

I'm Jackie... said...

What precious memories you will always have of this happy event. It was fun seeing the pictures, especially the pics of your parents on their wedding day and now. A very sweet-looking couple indeed! Blessings, my friend. Jackie

TheBlogWriter8 said...

The pictures are so refreshing! Your Mum and Dad do make a very sweet couple. 50 years is HUGE. It takes guts. :D