Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you know what my son bought me?

Of course you don’t, I haven’t told you yet but I couldn’t think of a different title.

I am so excited. He’s got it all hooked up and was going to show me how to use it today but he got called into work so I’m going to go and figure it out.

I’ll be back in the next couple of days to tell you all about it, what is says I weigh (I’m also so happy I don’t have to step on my ancient scale anymore, this one will keep track for me….oh I hope it close to what mine says I don’t want to weigh more) and how great the exercises are. I don’t know to much about it yet but I’m not to dense so I bet I can figure it all out.

Have I told you just how much I love my son and no not because of the goodies but that’s the icing on the cake because he is helping me to become the person I want to be. He is as excited as I am when I lose a pound or an inch or two. He has supported me from day one.

Oh and remember the little green thingy…it’s a Nike+. Stupid name, I know. It’s a little sensor that goes into specially made Nike shoes but for people that can’t afford the shoes you can buy a little pouch that you tie to your shoe and you get the same readings as the special shoe. Then you can go to the Nike+ website and download your stats and it’ll help you keep track of everything.

Have I told you just how much I love the support and encouragement Mike is giving me? Jim, well he just watches and doesn’t say much but that’s fine too. Mike ….. well I don’t know how to just explain it but I love my son.

So if I hurry I’ll have about an hour to go and play with this new machine so I better get going. I just had to share all of this with you.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully. Today is a beautiful day here, 68*, sunny and a beautiful breeze. A great day to air out the house and hang the clothes and sheets on the line. YEAH!!! I hear it’s suppose to be like this all week long, I can handle that….we’ve had enough rain to last quite a few weeks if you ask me.

Bye for now, God Bless!!!


Cheeseboy said...

Wii Fit? Ultra fun. He can come hook one up for me any time.

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

I love wii fit! it is an awesome way to get motivated to exercise! This was my original fitness bet! I be my friend I could wii 5 times a week for 10 weeks! (wow did I use a lot of exclamation marks :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love our WII fit. It is SO fun!! The games are awesome. I love hulu hoop and snowball fight. You don't burn too many calories on snow ball fight but it is SO fun! Hope you have fun on it!!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Ooh. I have been eyeballing that Wii fit thing for awhile now. I would love to do the yoga. Maybe Santa will deliver.

Carolyn Christie said...

Oh how fun!! We have Wii Fit too. Haven't been on it in a loooong time.
Enjoy!! :)