Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tomorrows the day…

And yes, I have a headache, I’m a touch crabby but not terrible yet but I have done everything almost exactly like I was told. I did drink a tad more water then 3 cups, with walking in this heat I had too. I did eat a chicken sandwich for lunch but otherwise haven’t had anything else all day. Most of the week was just fruit. Will I make the 200 lbs for the doctors tomorrow, I haven’t a clue. Should I weigh myself before I go in? I was going to but it won’t make any difference because his scale is different then mine so I’m just going to go and hope for the best. If it’s close I will go naked and step on it again, they just can close their eyes.

I also have to share, I read the small print on the BSA health forms. The weight limit is highly, strongly recommended but in the end it’s the doctor that says if you can do it or not.

I’ll tell you all about the camp physical when I get home and the kids are napping. Thank you all for all your words of wisdom and support. I’ve really needed it this past week.

Take care and God Bless!!!

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