Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is WMWW and WW-I…

Huh, you said. I heard it so here I’ll show you. WMWW is Watch My Weight Wednesday, it’s hosted by Angie and it’s a perfect way to meet and greet follow people trying to lose weight and keep it off. WW-I is Weekly Weigh-in hosted by Amy. This place makes you accountable for you weekly successes or nots. You can hook up with either if you want too and then go and see how everyone is doing. Give some encouragement and bloggly love.

For me this week I haven’t lost an ounce. It might be the fact I’m getting my period, again! Or maybe the fact that I’ve been baking for my scouts and daycare and on Monday ate 6 fresh from the oven peanut butter cookies plus dough and Tuesday fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies plus dough. Or maybe it’s the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I opened last Thursday and finished up yesterday. Or just maybe it’s the couple dozen peanut M&M’s that I have eaten. I prefer to blame it on my period, how about you?

I do have to say I have been working out hard. Last week to this week, in 8 days I have walked 27.4 miles, I have played tennis twice and then a cool down walk of a mile, I’ve gone swimming twice plus weigh trained twice. So it’s a good thing I’ve been doing that or I’m sure that scale would of shown an increase instead of staying at 201. 

I did eat good this week too. Lots of fruits and veggies along with my own chickens with little or no fat on them so I’m still learning and I knew the other stuff wasn’t good for me but it just tasted and smelled so good I couldn’t help myself.

So there you have it. I’m still trying hard (mostly, I am!!) and I’m excited to measure myself on the 31st to see what results I have for the month of July. I am loving my legs and butt, they are shaping up so nicely. My tummy is shrinking, in fact last night to go play tennis I put on a pair of size 18 no stretch, no give jean shorts and I didn’t have to lay down to do it. I was able to bend over and pick the ball up with out losing my breath and I felt good. I love my size 16 stretch jean shorts but know I can wear them because they stretch. So it’s all working. I’ve lost 10” off my waist so far and for me that’s impressive and I’m proud of myself. I would like to get to a 36” waist, that sounds like a nice number and a healthy one too.

Oh I almost forgot, how could I do that? I got a Wii from craigslist last night. A man in my home town listed it at 3:45 in the afternoon, at 4:15 he sold it to me and he’s delivering it to Mike for me this morning. For some reason I decided to just check out craigslist and there is was, just like it was meant to be. The best part, I got it for $150.00 and it still comes with a 2 year warranty because he just bought it at Christmas time for his kids and they don’t play it. He figured maybe 10 times it’s been used and he paid over $400.00 for all the goodies it comes with. So now I’m on the hunt for the Wii fit and Sport games (it comes with something sport he said so I’ll see what he’s talking about). Both Mike and Jim are excited because it comes with extra controllers, num chucks, a cross bow and some more manly stuff. I’m excited because I now will own one and can see just what you are all talking about.

Good luck my friends on your life style changes. Please tell me how your doing and anything you’ve learned pass on. I really am enjoying this new way of life. I know the goods and bads and mostly I follow the good path but those bads, well sometimes they just jump right out and grab me. How about you?

Take care and have a most blessed day today.


Angie said...

Congrats on getting a wii. You will like the sports game! There are some games you can buy for exercising that you don't need a wii fit for. Wii Active you don't need the fit board. And it really makes you work out!

Priscilla said...
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Priscilla said...

I love a Wii but I cant afford one right now.

Also, congrats on the 27 miles!

Don't forget that muscle does weigh more than fat and when you start working out that much, you start to retain a lot of water.

For the next week I would suggest eating light and walking every other day. If you work out too much you can send your body into 'protecting' the fat.

And, lastly, thanks for stopping by.

suzi said...

YAY! congrats on the great Wii deal! Wii sports is fun. Just to warn you, if you do the fitness testa nd you get terrible results don't feel bad - it told me my fitness age was 87! All because I didn't have the baseball or tennis figured out when I did it. Geesh! I'm pretty sure I'm in better shape than most 87 year olds!

A good way to try out some games is to rent them from blockbuster or a local rental place to see if oyu like them before spending out the cash to purchase the game. I think I said it befoer but EA Sports Active looks like really awesome interactive fitness game