Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have you waited long enough?

I have so I won’t go into any chatting or anything, I’ll just give you the numbers and then chitter chatter a bit.

My weight is 203. Down 2 pounds. I still have to lose 5 more pounds before heading to the doctors mid month. So totally 22 lbs so far.

I’ve lost another 7 1/2” inches so a total of 43 1/2”. I wish the doctor would see this part but he won’t notice that from year to year, he’s only going to look at the scale. According to Dr. Oz, if a waist is below 40” there is less likely hood of bad things happening, so only 1 1/2” to go.  I now have somewhat of a shape, it’s still not small by any means but my waist is smaller then my bust and hips. See me smiling. :o)!!!!

So not bad I think. Oh a very long ways to go and it’s getting a bit harder now to get the weight to move. I also know that means more exercise but it’s getting to be very hard right now to get the extra time to do them. There is no more quiet mornings, no more no kid nap times and when 6:30 rolls around, after working 14 hours, I am out of energy. I wish normal life could count towards exercise. Oh I’ve heard dance when mopping the floor, wiggle while vacuuming, reach and stretch while dusting but really, I don’t think that is going to help me much. Oh well I’ll just keep plugging away at it and though it’s a super slow process it’s all heading in the right direction.

Tonight is Brenda and my night out. I’m thinking swimming but first a good bike ride. That will be super good and with this heat I should burn off a few more pounds and calories. I know, drink plenty of water….I will, I promise.

So lets see, goals for my next weigh in (which by the way will be the 19th and the same week I go to the doctor).

1. Less sugar. I’ve eaten just a wee bit more (well over the 4th a bit more then wee) then I should be.

2. More water. I did do the jug trick and it has helped me to see just how much I’m drinking and my day is never less then 50 oz. and more like 70 or so.

3. A new menu each week. I read once that if you find a menu that works for you to keep eating it all the time. I have found out that is boring. I need something new, something with taste, each week. It’s hard cooking in the evenings now too because Mike is working with his dad and they have huge, very huge lunches and when it’s time for supper no one is really hungry but me. I am going to see how a bigger snack in the afternoon for me will work so that dinner can just be a light sandwich or soup.

4. Exercise, gotta do something about that. I am still to embarrassed to flop like a fish on the floor with the daycare kids here. Yes they’d find it fun but I don’t want them going home and telling everyone what I’m doing. Vain? A bit.

5. Find a site that tells me about every day household chores. I want to see if weeding the garden can count towards exercise, how about cleaning out the chicken coop, carry in wood. I’m guessing there’s nothing really out there but I’m going to try and see.

So for now, those are my goals. How are you doing? What’s happening for you this summer? I do wish you all well and I do so appreciate your kind words and support for me. I really, truly do!!!!

Now take care and I am hoping that I’ll have a new bread recipe to share with you later on this week. I am back to making my own breads and working on a good, easy recipe for fresh bread. Also a soup recipe. One with a little bit of chicken or pork or even beef in it, lots of veggies and a broth (I hate creamy ones). I know just a basic veggie recipe but something that has a bit of a zing or zest to it would be nice. I don’t know to much about spices so need to read and see what I can add.

Have a great week my friends. God Bless you all!!!


Caution Flag said...

You really are doing ALL the right things and then some. I actually think that if I did just a few of the things you're doing, I would be healthier. Keep going, girl!! You're such an inspiration :)

Kim said...

Way, way, WAY cool! I don't even know what my waist measurment is...I'm too chicken...I just know it's growing...I'm jealous of your dedication! Rock on!!!

Michele Chastain said...

Awesome progress! I always try to keep in mind that the overall health, and how you feel is far more important than the number on the scale. Do you weight train? It's an amazingly fast and efficient way to lose fat and reshape your body. I've kept off about 50 pounds for more than 2 years now mostly through weight training. Cheers and keep up the amazing stuff!

Jenny said...

You are doing fantastic!!!!

Keep up the good work!!

I agree with you that variety is very important with meals - you don't want to get bored with your meals because it becomes more difficult to stick to your dietary plans!

Good Luck!!!

Mr Monkey said...

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