Monday, May 24, 2010

Smiling…. :o)

Yesterday while doing our usually Sunday shopping we went to Fleet Farm to get feed for the baby chicks. We walked around a bit and then suddenly Jim headed into the ladies clothing section. I figured short cut because there were people everywhere. We stopped, he picked out two pairs of short and a tank top for me. Brand new, not something I’ve gotten at a garage sale, not something I’ve picked up at Goodwill. Brand spanking new and the best part, size 16. WOW!! Jim made me try them on because I was doing the fussing part, “I can’t wear a 16 yet, maybe next month”, you know that kind of talk. Well he hates my clothes right now. He hates hanging stuff, me pulling them up and all so he went shopping. Now I do have to admit one of the pairs of jean shorts are still a bit tight but next month will fit perfect for our family 4th of July party. The dark blue pair fit just fine now. I still can’t believe a size 16. I haven’t work that size in ….oh well at least 20 years. The tank top, it’s a 1x, do you know how long it’s been for that size too? At least that long.

I have one more week before weigh in, two weeks before Sally’s visit, before Mike’s Graduation and open house. I’m hoping to make the under 200 lb mark by then, 6 lbs to go (as of last Monday). I need to kick up my toning exercises, the middle and arms. So this week along with my normal exercises I will do a few extra ball exercises, a few extra crunches and arm weights.

How are you doing on your life style change? I’d really like to know. I love hearing about it all. It is still very hard from me at times but not as bad as it was in the beginning. I have even got Jim helping me out now. He ordered lunch for me yesterday and got me a grilled chicken, hold the mayo without even asking me. Just what I would of ordered. He doesn’t ask me about fries or that stuff anymore and though he did get onion rings told me I could have three if I wanted because he already checked the calories and they were 10 calories a piece. I ate two because he had done that but reminded him they were fried, he just smiled. It feels good he’s not mocking me any more. He knows I’m committed and trying hard. Even my grandma told me this past week she could see a difference. It’s been a long 5 months to hear that but still wonderful.

Well I’m off, it’s just about time for my wee ones to be up. So much to do in the next two weeks before the visit, graduation and open house. This week is shampooing the rugs and planting the garden and also putting the baby chicks outside. That will take care of the spare time. Tonight is our Boy Scout/ Venture Crew Graduation Open House. We have 7 scouts graduating this year so decided to have one night to honor them. It’s so hard to make everyone’s open houses and I feel terrible when I don’t make it so this way, I know I’ll get to wish them all well and give them their gifts I got for them.

Oh by the way, want a good exercise? Go Geo-Caching. It’s fun and lots of physical work. If you want to know all about it, go here to my post on my main blog. It tells you all about it.

Take care my friends and have a wonderful and blessed week.


Kim said...

wow, Wow, WOW! How cool is that!!

Anonymous said...

You know there was an old beauty book that's buried around here somewhere where it said, "Not everyone can be a pefect size
16". Wow! You're doing great. And I heard about those 10 mile walks looking for stuff or Geo-caching. I don't think I'm up for that just yet...but I bet you are huh?