Monday, May 10, 2010


You know, I have the most sweetest chiropractor there is. He not only makes my body feel better, he’s great for the mind and soul too. I went in today because of my neck and arm plus numb thumb and he fixed them almost like new. Well sorta anyways, I’m still pretty sore tonight but I know it’s getting better, no more numb thumb so I know the nerve is better, just the swelling needs to go down. Anyways back to my doctor. He asked me if I sleep in my chair, nope don’t do that…when I’m tired I just head to bed. He asked what I thought I did to my neck and I knew exactly what it was. I’ve been working on a new exercise that Brenda showed me she learned at exercise class. It’s got a name but of course I didn’t listen to that, I just learned how to do it. You get down on the floor and then lift yourself up on your elbows and toes, keeping your body in a straight line and hold for up to a minute. Well I can hold for about 45 seconds and then need a break before the second time. Anyways, while I’m doing this I must be dropping my head and pulling my neck because that’s what I did to pinch the nerve. The doctor showed me the correct way to do it and it’s like I’ve already described except I have to keep my head up and eyes focused on the wall up about 12-16” off the floor. He says do not let my head fall forward, that’s what hurts. I am to take two days off from doing this exercise and also ice-pack a couple of times a day and then on Wednesday can start up again with all my exercise. So I get a real excuse to not work out tomorrow except I’m suppose to walk so will do that. Then after my adjustment he asked how I was doing, how I was feeling and all and just like I told you guys on Sunday I told him about being a bit discouraged about the weight loss and how I wish I could ton up my tummy more and he proceeded to tell me how great I looked, how hard he knew I had been working, how he could see all kinds of improvements. He said that my goal of 180 is perfect for me and that I just need to keep taking it slow and easy and that it will come off and stay off and I’ll be so much healthier for it all. We talked about some tummy toning and he gave me some ideas with that big ball I have. He also taught me that muscle weighs two times the weight of fat and that is why I’m not losing the weight but losing the fat and toning up.

So all in all guys, I’m happy. It took me a little bit this last couple of weeks to except this is just going to take longer then I wanted it to but I can do it. I can’t wait for the day I can tell you all I made the 180 and I can wear a size 16 and be happy in them. I can’t wait for the day when I walk into Kohl’s or JCPenny’s and don’t have to go to the big girl sizes. It’s going to happen and even though it won’t be early/mid summer maybe by fall time it can. I’m happy guys, I’m in a much better frame of mind. You told me all of this too, but I think having it said face to face made it a big difference. I told my doctor all about your guys and how much support I’m getting and how it’s so much easier doing this with you guys then alone. I told him about the advice, ideas, recipes and more. I told him how important you all have become in my life style change. He told me I’m lucky and I said yep, I am.

So I will take tomorrow off, I’ll go for a walk in the evening and just watch what I eat. And then on Wednesday……..I’ll kick butt, with your help of course. Thank you all for all your help, I really truly mean it.

Hey, I learned something from Doctor Oz. Do any of you keep your potatoes and or onions in the fridge? I’m one of those that use too because it kept them fresher, they didn’t grow or go soft before I used them. Did you know that’s very bad for you? Keeping them in the fridge turns the starch in them to sugar and a bad for you sugar, something to do with a possible cancer type sugar so you know what that meant? Tomorrow I will be cleaning out my crisper drawer and no more potatoes or onions in there. Now I have to find a place to keep them out. What do you guys do? A bin, drawer, closet, floor what? I have very limited space, any ideas?

Have a great week everyone. I’ll be back with some more ideas, questions and thoughts. Take care my friends. God Bless you all!


Mari said...

Chiropractors are awesome! I love my guy too...but he hasn't noticed my weight loss yet. ha.

Congrats on all you've accomplished. I agree...taking it off slowly will be best.

Keep it up girl.

Prairiemaid said...

Julie, a few months ago I would have agreed with Mari about taking it off slowly. However, a friend of mine recently pointed me in the direction of hCG. So far, it has been wonderful. Best of all, if the diet is followed correctly, it resets your hypothalamus gland, making it easier to keep the weight off.

I started on it (by mouth,the shots are so expensive)last Saturday and as of this morning (Tuesday), I had lost 5 lbs.

If you are interested in learning more, I am blogging about it (each Saturday). Here is a link to the first post.

Regardless, I wish you much success!! I know the struggle you are in.


Julee said...

I didn't know that about potatoes...thankfully I don't keep mine there...however, I do love sugar!